Amazon Kindle Fire Zip Sleeve Review

It would only be natural that our first case review for Amazon's latest budge Kindle Fire tablet would be Amazon's very own protective sleeve, the Zip Sleeve. As most of you Kindle Fire users may already know, there are very few choices for sleeves and folio cases at the moment. Good thing Amazon came thru with a means of protection for your Kindle Fire that should fit precisely like a latex glove. Is the Zip Sleeve a made to be sleeve for your Kindle Fire? Find out after the break!

Amazon kept the design as simple as possible with the Zip Sleeve as it always did with past covers and sleeves for Kindle e-readers. Instead of looking modern and sleek like almost all covers and sleeves we've seen, the Zip Sleeve takes on a more mature, retro style design with a micro block pattern and a brown leather-like strap which you can use as a form of carrying grip slip or find other creative uses for it. Amazon hasn't paid attention to it as a feature so it's safe to say that it's more for eye appeal than anything else. The Zip Sleeve is made from a nylon material that feels durable and holds it's looks very well despite looking like cotton fabric. 

Contrary to what many first adopters of the Kindle Fire and Zip Sleeve have pointed out, I haven't noticed any strong chemical smell oozing from the sleeve, even when I first took it out from it's clear wrapping. The Zip Sleeve comes in a variety of colors, this one is the Lime color and is also available for the new Kindle Touch. What I do have a problem with is the price. At $30 for a simple sleeve that Amazon made is making it looks like Amazon is trying to get more from the $200 Kindle Fire price. Generally Amazon is known for its very affordable in-house branded products and the Zip Sleeve's price tag seemed to have enraged quite a bit of customers.

Aside from the somewhat pricyness of the Zip Sleeve, it actually does live up to my expectations of being a fantastic sleeve that fits the Kindle Fire as it should and adding a decent amount of padding that without a doubt keep your Kindle Fire well protected from scratches and small drops on the go.

It might look old school on the outside, but on the inside, the Zip Sleeve's interior is lined with a unique form of shock absorbing padding material in a tiny circular pattern that has a slight give to it that is meant to protect the Kindle Fire against drops. Even though the Zip Sleeve is just a fairly slim sleeve, it'll take a rough beating while traveling. 

A top zipper effortlessly zips the Zip Sleeve open and enables you to easily slip in the Kindle Fire front the top, side and at an angle. 

Overall the Zip Sleeve is a really nice option to consider if you're looking to protect your Kindle Fire. Although it is a little on the pricy side and a sleeve is only good for limited protection, there's no reason why you shouldn't pick one up in your favorite color. The Zip Sleeve is the sophisticated styled sleeve your Kindle Fire will feel at home in.