Artwizz Induction Charger Wireless Charger for Magic Mouse Review

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Wireless charging sounds great right? If you already use a wireless mouse like the Magic Mouse, it would make all the sense in the world to pair it up with a wireless charging buddy like Artwizz's Induction Charger. It's not the first time a company has created a product with a goal to fix your costly battery problems. You can keep replacing those expensive dead batteries or swapping them with rechargeable ones, but that's a thing of the past now that such a simple and straight forward solution is set to help you out with that. Convenience is the key of the Induction Charger. Just how well does a wireless charging setup such as this turn out? Catch the full review after the break to find out! 

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There are these assumptions that anything German made is undeniably fantastic, and Artwizz just so happens to be a German company. Though that assumption doesn't necessarily apply with this particular product. There's no denying the similarities of the Induction Charger when it's put against Mobee's Magic Charger. Both look very similar and have the same exact idea of wireless charging for the Magic Mouse. While Mobee's Magic Charger is made entirely out of plastic, it still feels higher in quality and well made. Unlike the Induction Charger which has an aluminum band instead of silver colored plastic to match with the Apple-esthetics. Artwizz attempted to be a little different by adding some aluminum to the Induction Charger's construction, however the entire build quality feels cheap. 

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If we get past the mediocre build quality of the Induction Charger, it actually performs really well. In other words, it works just as advertised. There's nothing really to it other than to pop in the Induction Charger's rechargeable battery pack into your Magic Mouse to begin using it. Having such a charging device right there on your desk makes it much easer to keep your Magic Mouse charged up all the time. The key is to always lay your Magic Mouse on top of the Induction Charger mat to it will recharge your Magic Mouse while you're not using it for extended periods of time. That way you'll never have open that battery door cover ever again to replace dead batteries. It's extremely convenient.

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When it's time to do other things than geek out at your computer, leaving your Magic Mouse on top of the Induction Charger will insure your Magic Mouse will be charged up and ready to go. A blue status light will indicate charging, and a green status light will then light up once your Magic Mouse is fully charged up. The Induction Charger is powered over USB, and unless you've got a display with USB ports or a MacBook on your desk, you won't be able to plug in the Induction Charger because of the very short USB cable it has. One of the downsides to this is that you will need to use a USB extension cable if you've got a Mac Pro or some other tower computer. 

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Another issue I want to point out is that you must always center your Magic Mouse on top of the Induction Charger mat to enable charging. Unlike the Magic Charger that is able to charge the Magic Mouse no matter where you place it on the top surface. What Artwizz has done differently with the Induction Charger is it has added a magnet in the center to help you quickly align your Magic Mouse to begin charging. I don't think that was needed if Artwizz had made the Induction Charger much smaller instead of wasting space by making a large surface with minimal charging surface area to back it up. On that alone I would prefer the Magic Charger over the Induction Charger. I want to save as much valuable desk space as I can, and the Magic Charger does exactly that. 

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And on that bombshell, we come to a conclusion that if you want to simplify the way you keep your Magic Mouse charged up, you should consider going for the Magic Charger instead. Just because it's a more fine tuned product. Otherwise, the Induction Charger comes second on the list with a lower quality and performance charging solution. The Artwizz Induction Charger is priced at $39.95.