Booq Viper Sleeve for MacBook Air 13-Inch Review


Since the standard for lightweight and thin laptops came into existence with the release of Apple's MacBook Air, tech and gadget enthusiasts have been scouring the earth looking for the thinnest and lightest products they can get their hands on. Specializing in high quality cases for all sorts of accessories, Booq has created the Viper sleeve, a simple and lightweight semi-rigid sleeve for the 11-inch and 13-inch MacBook Air with a unique twist. Head past the break to check out all the details!


We are all use to and tired of bulky cases that hide the gorgeous aluminum body of our MacBook Air. The sleek tapered design that first appeared out of a manilla envelope, stunning us all. Booq's Viper sleeve focuses on that exact design to create the perfect fit for your MacBook Air. However, while it is a great idea, the fit is less than perfect. There is a significant difference between the fit and the actual size of the laptop, causing a lot of rattling while in transit. While it may not damage your Macbook Air, it is still pretty annoying.


Constructed out of jute, a strong and thick woven thread made from vegetable fibre, the exterior can withstand just about anything you throw at it. The jute gives the case a cloth-y appearance, instead of the usual shiny polyester look we see on most cases. The edges are also lined with impact-softening rubber to protect your investment from accidental drops and bumps.


The interior is lined with soft and smooth nylon that will prevent any scratches from occurring inside of the case. Unfortunately, to create something so slim and light, Booq sacrificed cushioning on the insides of the sleeve. Without much protection, this sleeve may not be what you're looking for if you want your MacBook Air to withstand all kinds of abuse.


As you may have noticed by now, the Viper is lacking what has caused so many problems for case/sleeve users –a zipper. Booq has traded in the traditional zipper for eight mini magnets that will hold your sleeve shut. It is so much more convenient as you can simply just reach in to take out your laptop without having to deal with unzipping and zipping. You also don't have to worry about breaking the zipper, trapping your MacBook inside.

The magnets are a great mechanism and should be incorporated in many more cases and sleeves, but the magnets in this case were not strong enough to hold the MacBook Air inside, unfortunately. Any sudden jerks would break the magnetic bond and out flies your laptop.


Booq has created many great sleeves for the Mac lineup, such as the Vyper M3 Hardshell Sleeve, but its latest Viper for the Macbook Air does not meet our standards. With the improper fit and weak magnets, I can't be confident with placing such expensive equipment inside something that I can't completely trust to protect my investment. On top of that, the 13" Viper will set you back $50 dollars while the 11" is $40. For that, we cannot recommend this product as there are other much better options out on the market.

The Viper comes in both 11" and 13" sizes as well as in black, gray, purple, and sand colors. Check out their products on their website.