CalypsoCrystal CalypsoPad Leather Pad for iPhone 4/S & iPhone 5 Review

The CalypsoPad is one of those accessories that you've thought you'd need. Simple put, this is the one and only pad that will make you take out your wallet without even knowing why. It's made from fine Italian leather, carefully handcrafted deep behind the borders of Slovenia, and we can only think of one company capable of such European chic greatness, CalypsoCrystal. We can talk about how stylish and modern this leather pad looks, but is it good enough to even bother using? Take a look after the break!

After being spoiled by the gift box-like packaging of the CalypsoCase, the CalypsoPad comes inside a not so impressive brochure-like packaging, albeit a sufficient one price considered. What more do you want? CalyspoCrystal is still doing a better job in its packaging than most case makers. Expect the CalypsoPad to run you $39, or €35 for all our loyal European readers out there. You can choose between black leather accented by red stitching for a sporty look or go with the more elegant and personally rather boring beige leather with white stitching. We were sent both to have a look at, and no, the former isn't faster.

You don't have to be quick to think what the CalypsoPad is on about. One quick glance and you've figured out why, what and how. The CalypsoPad is a luxurious leather landing pad for you to place your iPhone 4/S or iPhone 5 on. Much like a safe harbor. It's THE place to literally dock your iPhone on knowing that this $39 leather pad keeps your iPhone comfortable as much as you are when you're slipping in your Tempur-pedic memory foam bed. Don't be selfish! Speaking of beds, I've been using one of the two CalypsoPads at my disposal on my bedside table and it's been great. And the other right on top of my Apple Display's aluminum pedestal. And those are the two places I place my iPhone in the most.

Who's the CalypsoPad for? If you're someone who hates using cases and is using your iPhone naked, then the CalypsoPad will best suit you if you care about not scratching your iPhone each time you slide it on your desk. That's the sole purpose of the CalypsoPad. In addition, it also features a little tab secured with concealed magnets that keeps your sync and charge cable in the right place and from potentially falling off your desk or table. Because that will be very bad. It obviously does its job very well in keeping what ever surface you're using away from contacting and scratching, scuffing your beloved iPhone; and vice versa. The leather is nice and soft with a rich pebble texture which I think looks best. This isn't the accessory for you if you're using a case or a protective skin as it defeats the purpose.

As for that embossed CalypsoCrystal logo, look at it. Isn't it beautiful? Very little logos are done tastefully to compliment the object such as this one. The CalypsoPad has this precise impression to fit the shape of the iPhone 4/S perfectly so when you set down your iPhone it'll sort of fall in its determined spot. Although the CalypsoPad is best suited and designed to fit the shape of the iPhone 4/S, you can use any model of the iPhone. Other than preventing unwanted scuffs and what not, the CalypsoPad also does a good job at dampening that annoying vibration noise the iPhone makes when it's on left on hard surface each time you get a notification or your alarm sets off. Little unadvertised tip for you there.

The CalypsoPad does have one arguable drawback, and that is weight and traction. The pad itself is on the light side and almost has no self traction due to the bottom felt material which is poor when it comes to traction. There's very little grip between the CalypsoPad and most common surfaces so it'll slide around quite easily without it being weighted down by the iPhone. And that might bother a few. CalypsoCrystal should have either used a gripper bottom material or added some additional weight for a more sturdier feel. Granted we haven't seen any similar accessories such as this before, it's arguable whether more traction is all that necessary, but it definitely wouldn't hurt.

Of course we had to put both of these two together. The CalypsoPad is just as impressive with its supple leather and fantastic stitching qualities as the CalypsoCase - one of my all time favorite iPhone sleeve pouch. If you've got both of these, your iPhone couldn't as for a better owner. 

The CalypsoPad is such an accessory that will only seem logical to very few anal people who use their iPhone without a case but would like a special place reserved only for the iPhone. Of course you could use a microfiber cloth or a protective skin and pass it off as serving the same purpose. But if you'd like to be a bit more unconventional, then using the CalypsoPad is a luxury more than anything else. Considering the CalypsoPad isn't a magic carpet nor will it charge your iPhone magically without you having to plug in your own cable, it is in many ways the same concept as what you might already be using. A fancy beverage coaster.