Capta iPhone & Smartphone Hybrid Tripod Mount Review

Smartphone photography is a fast growing niche. Since the dawn of the iPhone 4, smartphone photography has come a long way with the help of improved camera specs and accessories like the Glif and olloclip to name a few. The first tripod mount adapter for the iPhone that we've reviewed was the Glif mount. A simple little black plastic corner rail that worked perfectly doing what it does. The Capta is yet another tripod mounting adapter, only that it has much more to offer.

The Capta's ability to support many different types of smartphones is only the beginning of what makes it an awesome tripod adapter. How well does this 3-in-1 piece of kit work out you ask? You'll get your questions answered in the full review down below!

Obviously I couldn't shy away from directly comparing and putting the Capta to the test against the Glif, which has been awarded our Editors' Choice award and rating. The Capta will run you $35, compared to the Glif at $20. The Capta is constructed entirely out of a solid piece of polished aluminum, hence the price. With that, the Capta has the advantage of virtually being indestructible over the flexible plastic Glif. Although I have to say that when time comes to carry either of these mounts with me inside a pocket, I'd much prefer to take the Glif with me because of how lightweight and slender it is compared to the Capta, albeit both are quite small and pocketable when you take the Capta's additional features into consideration. We'll get into what exactly those features are later on.

The Capta's key selling point that makes it a versatile tripod adapter is that it uses a special adhesive pad that enables any smartphone with a flat back surface to be securely held at any orientation. The Capta comes with a back cover that keeps the adhesive pad clean and protecting while not in use. I'll admit, I was extremely skeptical about this whole sticky situation. The idea of trusting a sticky adhesive to keep my phone secured at all times no matter the orientation made me run a few safety tests above my bed just in case things got out of hand. By no means is this the first time a smartphone accessory made use of this super-duty adhesive tactic.

Using the Capta is a quick and easy, straightforward setup. Just stick your phone against the Capta's adhesive pad and start taking photos and videos. The adhesive pad is reusable, washable and as long as you keep it clean, it will hold its stickiness. Capta's metal body has a 1/4-20 stud mount that let's you fit it onto any tripod from flexible Gorilapods to more standard tripods and monopods.

How reliable is the Capta's adhesive pad? It's ridiculously strong and as it turns out, surprisingly reliable. I tried shaking it upside down, leaving it adhered to the smooth glass back of my iPhone all day long while it was left in an extreme upside down angle, all without it ever losing grip. So it's safe to say that out of the box, the Capta performs brilliantly and above my expectations. My opinion about these accessories that heavily rely on these strong adhesive pads has completely changed for the better. As long as you keep the pad clean by cleaning it under the tap, Capta says it'll keep on working like it did from day one.

The great thing about the Capta is that even though it relied on an adhesive, it performs just as well as the Glif in that you can position your smartphone at any angle and orientation you can think of, and it'll work perfectly. And when the time comes to break off this strong special bond between the two devices, the Capta won't leave any residue behind what so ever. That goes for smartphones that have a matte and soft-touch coating as well.

The Glif is great and all, but it's very limiting as it doesn't play nice with protective cases. One of the biggest gripes I've had about the Glif was that it could not be used if your iPhone had a protective case on. The Capta solves this problem with its unique stick-it all mount and plenty of leg room to fit many types of cases and smartphones. A big advantage over the Glif. As long as you've got a relatively slim case on, you can use it with the Capta. Oddly enough, the grip traction of the adhesive pad is even greater if you're using a case with a flat back. It will not, however, work with bumper style cases or Ultrasuede skins.

As I've mentioned earlier, the Capta is capable of two additional little features besides being a tripod mount. The rounded base of the Capta has a small lip near the edge that offers support for when you want to prop your smartphone up and lean it against the Capta for a viewing stand. The one drawback I see is that there's no padding or layer of protection meaning your phone will come in contact with the bottom metal base of the Capta. Around the bottom is a groove that acts as a cable management system when charging and syncing. I found both of these features to be pointless and overly gimmick. The Capta does enough already wouldn't you say?

All in all, the Capta is the most versatile smartphone tripod mount accessory we've seen by far. It's the perfect pair for those who take smartphone photography a little more seriously than others. If you're asking yourself "why do I need this?", then the you most likely don't. The Capta is first and foremost designed to be a tripod mount adapter to help you get more stable, shake-free shots. Only those who devote a great deal of time into taking photographs using their smartphone should look into getting the Capta. On the other hand, if you never plan on using a protective case and only use an iPhone then save yourself some money and go with the Glif instead.