Case-Mate Fuel Max Battery Case for iPhone 4

Worry no more, the Case-Mate Fuel Max is here to juice up your iPhone 4 so you can keep tasking away all day long. The Fuel Max is Case-Mate's largest battery case capacity made for the iPhone 4 besides the thinner Fuel Lite which has about half the battery capacity of the Fuel Max. The Fuel Max brings along a hefty, bulky form factor due to it's somewhat large battery capacity of 2000mAh. It's no doubt that the Fuel Max is firstly designed to provide you and your iPhone 4 with a good amount of extra battery life. 

Even with all of the bulkiness that is the Fuel Max, it remains comfortable to hold. Having the Fuel Max in your hand is like handling a soft comfortable brick. Read more for the full review after the break!

The Fuel Max has a really nice soft-touch matte coating on the outside as well as on the inside. You get a great amount of grip because of this coating but you also gain a negative. The matte coating attracts a nice amount of lint and dust while also showing off your oily fingerprints. This coating is a bit tricky but you can easily clean it with a cleaning cloth. 

The Fuel Max has a slider style design with two parts that lock together. I was a bit surprised to find out that it was very easy to slide the iPhone 4 in and out of the Fuel Max. I did however, find a pretty annoying bad side to this two-part design where the the parts lock nicely and securely into place but leave a small gap between them which allows the top part of the case to wobble around quite a bit. This could be an issue with the particular case I've received to review.

You've got easy access to all the buttons, Case-Mate have done a great job by making the cutouts for the buttons wide enough to be easily accessed. There is a generous cutout for the camera, and there isn't any issues using the LED camera flash. The speaker and mic both have cutouts as well. On the back of the Fuel Max are four blue LED lights that indicate the state of the remaining battery life. These LED's will stay lit all the time while the Fuel Max charges your iPhone 4. 

Charging the Fuel Max takes a while but the good thing is the it will charge your iPhone 4 even quicker while it's inside the case. You can still sync your iPhone 4 but you will need to use the supplied mini USB cable which is also used to charge the Fuel Max. 

While testing out the performance of the Fuel Max with the iPhone 4, I've been able to get 80% to 90% battery life out of it in real usage with push notifications turned on at 15 minutes. These battery stats have been consistent over four charges by charging a fully drained iPhone 4. I wouldn't say that these battery times justify the bulk and price of the Fuel Max, but they will definitely let you fully use your iPhone 4 all day long. If you are a power user then the Fuel max will be a good choice, and if not, the Fuel Lite will be a better choice. 

As of this review, the Case-Mate Fuel Max battery case is only available in black, here's hoping for some more interesting colors! Price $99.99.