Chrome Bravo Rolltop Laptop Backpack Review


This, I believe, is a company that needs no elaborate introduction. Immensely popular for their assortment of bags and accessories, Chrome Bags is the one to go to for high quality and durable bags. Fancy a bike ride through the mountains while battling a heavy downpour? While your personal safety cannot be guaranteed, whatever you choose to shove inside Chrome's newest Bravo laptop backpack will stay safe and dry. Trust me, this monster will swallow whole just about anything you feed it. Check out exactly how hungry this beast is down below! 


It's difficult to not love the Bravo backpack at first sight; the details and quality Chrome has been known for screams at you to notice it. After all, their iconic quick release  buckle strap is hard to miss. It glistens and shines, begging for your attention. And you know what? Attention is what it got. 


It's rare to find a variety of roll-top bags nowadays, but Chrome delivered it well. The Bravo is protected by a weatherproof 1000 denier Cordura shell, which translates to armor against everything. Throw as much dirt, sand, mud, and whatever else you can think of, it'll just wipe right off. Not only will it stay clean, but it'll also stay intact. Over the years, I've carried a fair amount of weight in a variety of backpacks that would more often than I would like rip apart. 


Chrome has made certain their bags will stand up to the most brutal of tests. Now onto the items that will be going into the Bravo. If 1000 denier wasn't enough, say hello to a 1800 denier waterproof inner lining that will easily keep all your contents dry without you having to worry about it. For any of you unfamiliar with the NorCal weather during the Fall, Winter, and Spring season, it is literally a brutal and icy cold shower at times. So it's comforting to know that between me and my MacBook, only one of us has to suffer through the daily commute.


Speaking of MacBooks, the Chrome Bravo can fit just about all of them up to the 15" inch MacBooks. With a dedicated and cushioned compartment for your laptop, you can feel at ease when thrashing your bag around during your commute and not have to worry about arriving to your destination with a scratched and dented computer. There is also an additional compartment for chargers and cables, or even an iPad. If two of these compartments weren't enough for you, you can then take advantage of the slot that could fit your mobile phone or some pens and pencils with a weatherproof YKK zipper. All of this is then covered and sealed by a weatherproof flap with industrial strength Velcro. 


Now that this laptop bag did its job, what extra goodies did Chrome add to the Bravo's impressive features list? Perhaps you've noticed the cross straps across the Bravo. They aren't there just for show. These utility straps are capable of securing large items such as a bike tire or even a bike frame across the front. 


Looking down the throat of this beast, you'll find an extremely deep and large compartment where you can store at least a couple days worth of clothing for a long bike trip. Of course, the compartment is completely weatherproof so your week's worth of clothes will stay fresh and dry for when you need them. 


The Bravo handles your daily commute without breaking a sweat and can even double as a luggage bag. But what about the times when you're just biking home from school or work and had to pick up some milk and eggs on the way back? Your hands are too busy making sure you make it home alive and your bags filled to the brim… or so you think. 

Chrome's Bravo bag has a hidden feature. It can expand to double its original size to a total of 40L of storage space. Now those clothes for the week can turn into two weeks worth of clothes or just whatever your heart wants to put in there. You've got plenty of space. 


With the Bravo topped off, there is going to be a significant amount of strain on your back and shoulders so taking that into consideration, Chrome uses a reinforced foam back panel to ensure a comfortable and stable experience with the bag during transit. The ergonomic shoulder straps and a sternum strap also helps in the cause. 

While the expandable top is an excellent idea, I would have preferred to also have more wiggle room width-wise as well. The Bravo is so tall when fully extended that your items on top where it is not as stable tends to move around during the ride, plus, you look pretty silly with something so high flopping around as you try to bike. 


The iconic Chrome brand has constructed masterpiece after masterpiece when it comes to their bags and the Bravo is no exception. The detail and quality that Chrome is so well known for practically exudes off of this roll-top laptop bag. You can virtually fit anything into the Bravo and still have room for something else, making this the perfect choice for anybody looking to replace their daily commuting bag. Chrome has been known to cater to the biking community, ranging from the hardcore mountain bikers to the modern hipsters trying to get to their local coffee shop. However, even as a day bag for your notebooks and school supplies, the Bravo does a great job. 

If you're looking for a spacious bag that can withstand practically anything Mother Nature throws at it, then we highly recommend giving the Bravo a look. For such versatility and quality, we approve of Chrome's Bravo laptop bag and give it the Editors' Choice Award. Even the $160 greenbacks seem like a small price to pay for what this bag has to offer. Your investment now can last you years down the line considering how strong and well-crafted Chrome's bags have become so popularly known for.