CMYK TikTok Watch Band for iPod Nano Review

Ever since this tiny Multi-Touch iPod Nano was announced, companies have released a slew of accessories that take advantage of the digital watch interface using nothing but watch bands. Minimal quickly stepped up the game of the watch band accessory world with its LunaTik watch band kit, made from premium materials never thought of in iPod Nano watch band accessories. Sure others have reached Minimal's design and quality, but both the LunaTik and TikTok have already become staple accessories. We've looked at the LunaTik, and now we're going to go deep with the new eye catching, CMYK flavored TikTok watch bands for the iPod Nano 6G and 7G. Don't have a cute little Nano yet? Jump past the break and you'll be sure to get one later!

Right out of the box, you're presented with the most simple instruction and you'll find that you don't even need to go over them since it's so simple to install the iPod Nano. It's a matter of snapping it into the TikTok while making sure your volume and sleep/wake buttons are faced to either the left of right side. You can then pinch and rotate your Nano's screen to best suit your viewing angle.

Notice that the TikTok lets you access your iPod Nano's dock connector and headphone ports all while attached to the TikTok. Any 3.5mm headphone plugs will comfortably fit including those bulky ones. Of course that means you've got easy access to your iPod Nano's volume and sleep/wake buttons on the opposite side which are easy to reach when you need to power your Nano up to know the time and so on.

Now the key differences between the more expensive LunaTik at $79.95 and the TikTok at $39.95 are the materials. The housing that cradles your iPod Nano in the TikTok is made out of plastic, and although it's a strong ABS plastic, it isn't as flashy and protective as LunaTik's anodized CNC machined aluminum housing. Granted those who want a more permanent solution for transforming their iPod Nano into what we call an iWatch, the LunaTik requires screwing together the aluminum housing but offers more protection for the iPod's glass touch screen where the TikTok does not provide any form of protection for the iPod's glass touch screen.

Even though the TikTok will cost you less, it doesn't mean it was designed cheaply. You'll get the same exact wrist band made out of thick, molded rubber silicone coated with an anti-dust finish and stainless steel hardware. As much as I love the wrist band, the anti-dust coating has yet again proved to be useless. Expect dust and lint to attract to your TikTok like a fly attracted to a bug zapper light. Fitting the TikTok as just as easily done using many predefined level sizes. A little plastic knob (metal on the LunaTik) can also be adjusted depending on your wrist size and will neatly hold the excess end of the strap.

Having used the LunaTik, I wasn't expecting the TikTok to oust it by being even more comfortable to wear. It's insane how comfortable and lightweight the TikTok is even with the iPod Nano installed. It'll make you rethink replacing that G-Shock you've been wearing for years. I haven't worn a watch this comfortable in years. It's unbelievable to think that a simple watch band accessory like this can be so comfortable to wear when coupled with the iPod nano. The soft and flexible silicone rubber strap will make you forget you're wearing a Multi-Touch watch on your wrist. So much so that I'll be replacing my G-Shock to wear the TikTok as my every day iWatch.

But let's not forget we can't get wet with using this iWatch. Though it's definitely worth having as a secondary watch because it's just too good to pass up. We're still waiting for a true waterproof design to come from Minimal. If there's anyone that can come up with a simplistic, great looking waterproof watch band for the iPod Nano, it's going to be Minimal.

If you don't already own a 6G or 7G iPod Nano and are looking to purchase one to use as a Multi-Touch watch, I suggest going for the silver iPod Nano since it best suits any of the CMYK TikToks. Going with a more vibrant colored TikTok won't show as much lint as the black color. Something to think about when looking at both TikTok and LunaTik.

When it comes time to use other accessories like a speaker dock, you can easily take out your iPod Nano from within the TikTok by pushing it out from the handy bottom opining. It does require some force as the iPod Nano is held in tightly and with a secured authority. After all, you don't want your Nano flying our during your most intensive exercises right?  

Now that there's a slew of different watch faces to choose from, you can color match a TikTok from the vibrant CMYK collection with a watch face for seamless customization even your little kids can enjoy.

You really can't go wrong with the TikTok at $39.95. It's the sporty, more casual and easy to use watch band for the iPod Nano while the LunaTik is more of a formal and respectively bulkier option to be considered. The CMYK TikTok is available individually or in a pack that includes three colors for $99 while all four colors can be had for $129.