Color Your Apple Keyboard - The Silicone Cover Guide

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Ever since I posted this review, I've constantly been getting questions on how I got my MacBook Air's keyboard keys turned into blue. Those who asked had no idea I simply used a silicone keyboard cover. I've been using silicone covers for years now on every single keyboard I use, whether it's the Apple Wireless Keyboard, or my MacBooks. Why would you ever want to use a silicone keyboard cover you ask? There are two main reasons why you should. Appearance and protection are the two main reasons why you should get yourself one of these covers. There are many types and brands of keyboard covers, but I decided to create this guide based upon the cheapest, and most common keyboard covers there are. Full guide right after the break!

Believe it or not, these keyboard covers will only cost you $6 a pop. Maclife2011 (not to be confused with the official blog) on eBay are the guys who sent out a plethora of silicone keyboard covers to showcase on this guide. 

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I've used both really expensive silicone keyboard covers and what you would call "eBay covers" for quite some time now. So what's the difference between the two? Not a whole lot to be honest. Yes the more expensive and branded keyboard covers do feel a little more high quality and have a better paint job, but you're paying a whole lot more than $6. This guide is completely based on how you can create your own favorite colored keyboard on the cheap. All it takes really is the right keyboard cover for your device and you've got yourself a unique looking keyboard to envy everyone with! There are so many choices from solid colored covers, clear base and colored keys (the ones we've got for this guide), covers that extend to protect your MacBook's palm wrist area and so on.

MacBook Air Pink Blue Wireless Keyboard Cover.jpg

Let's face it, the white and black keys typically found on Apple's Macs and peripherals are getting boring and quick. Not to mentions that if you're using an external Apple keyboard with white keys, you probably already know they tend to easily get dirty and nasty. A simple and cheap eBay cover will do the trick. And you don't even need to worry about it degrading your typing skills. These covers fit snugly on each and every key and provide a great amount of tactile feedback. While they aren't as thin as the much more expensive KB Covers, the difference doesn't warrant any worries what so ever. 


Well what do you know, my Apple Wireless Keyboard now has MacBook-like black keys. It looks awesome to say the least. White seems too bland and out of date already. However, there is also a white keyboard cover should you want to transform your MacBook's black keys into white! Possibilities are near endless really. I suggest you go with the clear background silicone keyboard covers for that custom key-only color effect that looks almost like you've plucked out each individual key and replaced it with a different color. It's so simple.

MacBook Air Turquoise Keyboard Cover.jpg

These type of keyboard covers have an extended silicone layer that protects your MacBook's palm wrist area. I'm not a fan of this particular cover myself though. I much prefer to keep things as simple as possible with just a keyboard cover. The quality of these covers are much better than you would expect for the price. I highly recommend checking these out for yourselves if you want to transform your keyboard into your favorite color while at the same time keeping it protected against oily fingers, dirt and liquid spills. The only downside with these covers is that on some covers there is no cutout for the caps lock LED indicator to shine thru. It's really a matter of hit or miss if you want a caps lock cutout.

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