CordCruncher Tangle-Free In-Ear Headphones Review

It's cord crunching time! What if, you could adjust the length of your headphones' cable without it dangling in your way while you exercise or get all tangled up in a ball of cable mess when put in your pocket? CordCruncher does exactly that and not a whole lot more. The $25 in-ear CordCrunching headphones have an interesting elastic silicone sleeve cable management concept that we had to test out for ourselves. Catch the full review after the cut!

The pitch here is that the CordCruncher in-ear headphones can be adjusted length wise from 16-inches to 3.5 feet thanks to their toyish, elastic slingshot-like silicone sleeve. Say you need a specific cord leeway, then you would stretch the sleeve at both ends until it retracts enough cable into it leaving you with just the right amount of cable length. It works surprisingly well, for now. The elastic sleeve works like a cable storage to keep the audio cable from tangling while you stow the CordCrunchers. Or you can opt to wrap them around your wrist to wear them like a bracelet if you plug the 3.5mm jack into the opposite end to form a closed circle. It's impossible to tangle these when they're inside the sleeve. So far so good.

If you guessed cheap feeling, then you're wrong. We've seen kiddie coin machine prizes with better build quality to be honest. The Raman noodle cable that slides in and out thru the silicone sleeve is repulsive. The only durable part about these headphones seems to be the elastic silicone sleeve; but it's only a matter of time before you end up slingshooting your CordCrunchers like an Angry Bird once the glue fails to keep up with all the extreme tension abuse.

The level of comfort is actually pretty standard as far as in-ear headphones are concerned. The silicone tips fit very nicely inside the ears and there are enough sized to pick from if the ones pre-installed don't fit you well. What isn't so good however, is the CordCruncher's tangle-free silicone sleeve that dangles around and tugs on your ears. Luckily the in-ear fit is tight enough that the CordCruncher buds stay put.

The CordCrunchers sound like a tinny radio behind blast doors. Terribly muddy and extremely recessed. Bass is the only thing that stands out, and sadly it too sounds just as bad. Kind of like a monkey banging on a plastic bucket filled with water. They don't sound good at all.

We didn't expect much going into testing out these bizarre in-ear headphones. The most we can now expect is to find them in our next box of Coco Puffs cereal. Tangle-free headphones should never come in between good sounding, let alone decent sounding audio no matter how convenient they claim to be. While the CordCruncher's cable management sleeve did indeed work as advertised, the rest of them leave much to be desired. Do yourself a favor, spend the extra $4 and get yourself the Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic. Heck, even Apple's old Earphones will sound better and last longer. These might tangle on you, but it sure it worth it.

Nir Schneider