Element Case Wood Series Case for iPhone 4/S Review

We've all experienced our fair share of the most sleek and modern accessories to match our modern gadgets. We just have to have it! After all, the newest and the most futuristic is the best, right? The designers over at Element Case would beg to differ. Well known for their high quality aluminum accessories, Element Case has "branched" out and introduced their latest Wood series to their lineup. Constructed out of beautiful and natural Walnut wood, the Wood Series intertwines technology with nature to create a magnificent fusion that we rarely see today. Head on down to the rest of the review right after the break to see if this case's roots are as strong as you think!

You won't find anything out of the ordinary or exuberant in Element Case's packaging. You'll find the standard cleaning cloth, anti-glare screen protector, screen application card, and a wood front plate all cleanly packaged in the traditional Element packaging. Just with a quick feel and look, you'll feel that you've made a quality purchase. The case itself feels smooth due to the rich wood veneer and when installed on your iPhone, feels sturdy but extremely light. It would only add a few millimeters to the iPhone's original dimensions. 

Wrapped by the high quality wood is a strong polycarbonate material that protects your device from accidental damage. Keep in mind, this case was designed with the sole intent of appealing aesthetics. The actual protection this case provides may be just a little bit above nonexistent. There is no impact-reducing lining inside of the case, and nothing to soften the blow from any drops; looking cool comes at a high cost. It's not going to protect much, but it's a fun case to have. 

Once you get past the idea that every drop may be your iPhone's last, you start to appreciate what the Wood Series provides. The ports are all nicely available for easy access and the case feels really comfortable in your hand. Not to mention, the anti-glare screen protector feels much better and smoother than its traditional glossy counterpart, but that's solely preference. 

The wooden front plate fits great with the overall theme and the iPhone's bezel. In my opinion, the Black iPhone would work much better with the Wood Series. After installing everything, an issue that I ran across was the fact that the case itself ends ever so slightly before the iPhone's body, leaving it completely exposed to the table if you were to place it face down. Despite the provided front wooden bezel and screen protector, it seems careless on Element Case's part nonetheless. Then again, I did say protection with this was virtually zero. 

Wanting to create something natural, Element Case's unique Wood Series collection certainly hit the spot. The overall feel is natural and comfortable, the quality of the wood is impeccable, and it even smells like wood. Set at $65 a pop, we recommend anyone interested in an unique look that has been tossed away and forgotten in today's busy and modern lifestyle to try the Wood Series out. A iPhone case should have as much functionality as personality, and Element Case sure got the latter one on point.