Everki Titan Laptop Backpack Review


I’m not one to sit here and write a review about a backpack, well because I’m a gadget junkie. I do however have problems finding a bag that can carry everything I really need. So when this package came from a company called Everki, I was kind of excited about it. I took time to take this bag with me for a little road trip and knew I needed to talk about it. I’m sure there’s tons of you out there like me who hate carrying multiple bags for trips. So does the Titan backpack stack up for those who like “one bag only and get it done”? Hit the jump and let's find out!


I really don’t even know where to start this review, but I will say that I was quite impressed with the backpack that came in the box. My first impressions of Everki's checkpoint friendly Titan backpack were that it looked very well made, looked like it had ample space, and many compartments. This bag is made for an 18-inch laptop so it’s a hefty bag. The outside of the bag is made from nylon and the inside lining is anti-shock foam. I also noticed what looked like quality shoulder straps. As you can see from the picture, the two orange straw parts of the straps adjust to your liking. Without anything in the bag and strapped on, the bags construction just felt amazing and wouldn’t be too worried about my expensive gadgets in the bag.


As you can see, the main attraction is the back part of the zipper opening areas. This particular bag will fit up to a 18.4-inch laptop, but it'll also hold a few smaller laptops too. Two 15-inch? Maybe 3 MacBook Airs? It swallowed my 15-inch MacBook Pro. The Titan has three main zipper openings. It also has a front slot and two side compartments. The lining of this bag is anti-shock foam so I felt fine with my laptop inside this bag. The Velcro strap keeps the laptop from sliding out easily too.


The timing of getting this bag was perfect, as I headed out of town for a few days. I figured why not take this and truly see if this bag is checkpoint friendly, right? The front zipper area was used for travel accessories and reading material. As you can see, it has many places to store all sorts of items. I was able to put what you see and then some. The black zipper bag right by my book is the bag's protective fold-out raincoat. Nice touch Everki! I didn’t need it this time, but it gave me peace of mind knowing my gadgets wouldn’t be damaged from rain, sleet, or snow nonetheless. I just felt like a postal man saying that statement.


The second compartment area was used for other gadgets, all my cables, oh and the area dedicated for either iPad. This area of the bag has another nice addition. Instead of tossing all your cables in one messy area, the Titan has a separate zipper pouch that holds your cables. More points to Everki! I was able to throw in a second phone, an extra pair of headphones, many CDs and DVDs, the iPad, and miscellaneous items. Behind the area where I kept my spare phone is another huge opening. I was able to toss in important documents in a folder. I loved the fact that they took the time to keep the zipper opening with mesh material, so you can see your items without opening all the compartments.


So was this bag checkpoint friendly like the name of the actual bag? Absolutely! I opened the top to slide out the laptop, dropped the bag on the belt, and was by security super fast. Usually my gear is everywhere and I always notice TSA scanning my bag like “this guy has a lot of stuff everywhere”. The Titan has pockets and compartments for anything you can think of and I was finally organized and neat. You can probably toss a few shirts and socks in this bag too if you needed too. 

With the Titan all packed up, I thought it was going to be too big and heavy. In fact, it felt great to wear on my shoulders and never felt like my back is going to break at any moment. If you travel a lot and just need one bag for all your gear, this bag is definitely worth purchasing. Be aware it does come with a price point of $179.99. I’ve spent more than that on numerous bags and wish I just had this one, plus Everki bags come with a lifetime warranty.

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