Incase Snap Case for iPhone 5 Review

Incase is one of the few most known case brands... In the world. Not sure which well-rounded, slim and protective case to pick for your iPhone 5? You can never go wrong with a case made by Incase. The company that fathered the Slider case we all take for granted these days is also widely known for its tried and true Snap Case, a minimalist polycarbonate snap-on case for the iPhone 5 that has a tight slim body anyone would be grateful to grab onto. Knowing Incase tends to make some of the highest quality iPhone cases replicated by just about everyone, we have high hopes for the Snap Case. Believe it or not, but we actually have some bits of info to tell you about this seemingly evident case in the full review down south.

Incase's Snap Case is as basic as they come, but sometimes simplicity is what really makes us happy. As far as minimalist snap-on cases are concerned, we found that the Snap Case is up there with the best of the best. Incase hasn't skimped on the overall quality of the iPhone 5 Snap Case one bit. Every little detail, corner and edge on the Snap Case is done precisely well. Almost, or should we say, with a great deal of expertise.

There aren't any sharp and pointy areas anywhere. Holding onto a naked iPhone 5 is terrific, but it has no grip. That's where the Snap Case comes in with its rubbery soft-touch matte coating that provides a highly comfortable, smooth feeling grip that actually enhances the experience you have when using the iPhone 5. The Snap Case's rounded edges and smooth rubbery-like surface is nicer to hold than the iPhone 5's industrial metal body.

The Snap Case comes in this black matte color including a glossy white and straight up clear and neon orange colors that both have a glossy finish to them. This particular black Snap Case is made from a semi-transparent hard polycarbonate plastic with a matte soft-touch finish. It's a very lightweight case yet it feels durable and of high quality unlike some cases such as the $20 SwitchEasy NUDE. Which is to say not a bad ultra-thin case, but it doesn't live up to the Snap Case's durable and well-rounded construction. Like all black matte cases, the Snap Case will show oily fingerprints, however it will not attract lint.

Although the Snap Case has some transparency to it, when encasing a black iPhone 5 the black frost colored Snap Case make it very difficult to make out the iPhone 5's two-tone design and Apple logo. If seeing what's underneath is important to you, the clear and neon orange Snap Case will do the job perfeclty. You do end up paying for all of this quality. $30 does seem pricy for such a simple plastic case, we're not going to cover that up. 

If 360 degrees of protection is what you're after, you're not going to find any of it here. The Snap Case does however protect the iPhone 5 with a decent amount of back, side, corner and front protection all whilst maintaining a very slim profile that really doesn't change the thickness of the iPhone 5 by a noticeable difference. The Snap Case is also very easy to snap on and off the iPhone 5, and the fit is spot on.

Now the Snap Case's trivial drawbacks are also what help make this case a pleasure to use. The cutouts for the side volume buttons including the top and bottom areas of the Snap Case are fully exposed with the exception of overlapping around the edge for a recessed opening in case of a drop. So while those exposed areas aren't really covered by the case, you do have a flawlessly entry access to all of the iPhone 5's ports and buttons instead of having obstacles in your way. It's as close to having no case it all, and that's the style of the Snap Case you either love or hate.

After years of perfecting the formula, Incase has got it's sh*t together no doubt. The Snap Case is wonderful, a pleasure to use and surprisingly offers decent protection for such a slim case. Only thing is, it's expensive for what it is. But we still give it a thumbs up and our general recommendation as it is a great snap-on style, feel-good everyday case.