Just Mobile AluBase Macbook Pro/Air Vertical Stand Review


The award-winning accessory geniuses at Just Mobile are creating Apple accessories that are both simply functional and modernly appealing. Seamlessly integrated with Apple's iconic design, Just Mobile creates high-quality accessories for iPhones, iPads, and Macs alike. The AluBase is a collaboration between Just Mobile and famous Danish designer, Jakob Wagner, for an upright MacBook stand for easy docking whenever you want to set up clamshell mode. It's Just Mobile's own take on the BookArc by Twelve South. With a minimal foot print, this laptop stand will save you desk space and do it with class. Head on past the break for the full  on review. 


The AluBase is elegantly presented in a clean and simple manner, with just the AluBase itself and a secondary soft plastic adapter for adopting either a MacBook Air or a slender Retina MacBook Pro, as they are much thinner than compared to the regular MacBook Pros. Beneath the meat of the packaging, you'll find a quick installation guide, some other miscellaneous literature, and best of all, a Just Mobile sticker! 


Right away, you'll notice the beautiful brushed aluminum finish that we've come to know so well from Apple's MacBook lineups. When placed side by side, you can barely tell that they were made by two different companies. As Apple strives for a lightweight construction with their aluminum unibodies, Just Mobile is doing the exact opposite. Expecting the AluBase to be a light and flimsy product, we were surprised at the weight; there is no way your MacBook will take a tumble when you dock it in properly. 

The soft plastic inserts are smooth to prevent any ugly scratches from ruining your MacBook and it is solid to ensure a sturdy hold. For such a small accessory, it can hold up to even the grandpa 17" MacBook Pro if you wished. For reference we've used a 15" Retina MacBook Pro to test out the AluBase.


To keep the insert in place, Just Mobile uses two metal screws that enter from the bottom for a secure installation. They're easily removed with a coin or even just your nails.

As you'd imagine, aluminum and friction don't tend to go together, so the entire bottom of the AluBase is covered in a rubberized grip to prevent any unwanted sliding while on a flat surface, especially glass. As with most rubber materials, they tend to cling onto dust and dirt, leaving a nasty mark on your desk if you don't clean it for a long time. After just a few days, my AluBase became quite the dust collector but it was easily fixed with a quick wipe down with a damp towel. 


If any of you are unfamiliar with what clamshell mode refers to, it is when you keep your MacBook closed and use an external display as your main display. By connecting a wireless keyboard and mouse, you'll have all of the functionality you would normally have on your laptop, but with a much larger display. So obviously, if you don't happen to own any of those accessories, we highly recommend making the investment as it tends to come in handy every now and again. Going along with the obvious statements, the built-in speakers on the MacBooks will sound muffled when you have a screen covering it… just saying. 

If you've got a extra external display laying around, or just haven't found the ideal way to take advantage of that Apple Thunderbolt Display, this just might be your chance. If you don't have a computer monitor, you can even hook your MacBook up to your HDTV, now wouldn't that be some screen estate? 


For the big boys who have more than just one Mac laying around, the AluBase can still be a modern piece of decor for your desk space. Even if you don't plan to use your MacBook in clamshell mode, you can simply take advantage of the AluBase and use it as a sexy docking station when you're not using your laptop and want to be awesome. 


Just Mobile has taken exceptional design and intertwined it with simple functionality to create the AluBase and we say they did one heck of a job. Free up some extra desk room and add a new sexy accessory to your office as a bonus; who can say no to that? Especially for a low $49.95, it's an even harder opportunity to pass up. For its appealing aesthetics and fantastic overall quality, we can't help but present the Editors' Choice Award on top of the plethora of other awards Just Mobile has collected for their phenomenal creations to the list.