Loop Attachment Mummy Case for iPhone 4/S Review

You would be hard pressed to find people with wads of cash in their pockets nowadays in a time when the almighty credit card has taken control of our wallet space. We might not have stacks of our favorite Franklin, but what we do have is a collection of credit cards at our disposal. Carrying around everything inside your wallet can be a hassle sometimes, especially when you're just taking a stroll down to the local Starbucks or just the gym for a quick workout. All you'll need is a credit card or a gym membership, why should you have to bring everything else with you? Loop Attachment has given this some thought and came up the Mummy, a brilliant and convenient idea that combines an iPhone case and a wallet together. Skip on down past the break to check out how we "wrapped" this mummy up!

One thing that you notice with Loop Attachment is that they are straight to the point, which is translated to their products. There is no extra packaging or tedious instructions; they cut the crap and are straight forward. The Mummy looks exactly as the name depicts in your mind. Its silicone-crafted bandage wraps line the back without any flashy features or designs. The cutouts for your ports are generously large enough to not cause any problems and the protected buttons still have great tactile feedback.

Your iPhone is enclosed in a entirely silicone case which has both its perks and downfalls. Silicone takes damage like it's nobody's business and will protect your iPhone from just about anything. It is also comfortable to hold and is smooth to the touch, but that's about where the good news ends. Silicone is grippy, and not in the sense that it'll stay on your phone. It'll pick up anything it touches. A quick stay in my pockets left the Mummy riddled in small specks of dirt and dust, and that was after I was able to maneuver it out of my pocket first. A quick wipe down gets rid of most of it, however. 

With the Mummy's rendition of an ancient Egyptian ritual comes its unique design and convenient feature and its only feature. Not only does the bandage strips act as an aesthetic boost, it also holds cards of all sorts. Slip your credit card and your driver's license in there and you'd be set for a whole day. Loop Attachment wanted you to get rid of the wallet and just bring the pure essentials. It's a nifty feature that I found extremely useful; I didn't have to worry about losing my wallet while I was out and I had a great place to put my things. Most of you can't go anywhere without your phone, now you can bring even more along for the ride. 

As what had happened with the pocket lint, my cards suffered the same fate. Placing and removing the cards through the silicone strips can be annoying. Sometimes they'll get caught halfway, or it'll be hard to take out because the greedy silicon decided it needed your credit card more than you did. 

Sure, the Mummy may have its flaws which can be annoying at times, but the functionality is still there and it works. While there are other great alternatives to fuses an iPhone case with a wallet, such as the Twelve South BookBook and Sena WalletSlim which both achieve what the Mummy does, except on steroids.

Loop Attachment's Mummy case will cost a measly $25 dollars for one or $60 for a bundle of three. For something so affordable, it would be hard to pass up the opportunity. Aside from it being a lint roller as a side job, the Mummy case protects your iPhone and helps you lighten your daily load, and that's not a bad deal at all.