MicroStylus Jack Stylus Review

Before you get the wrong idea, no we didn't jack this stylus from a pixie. Meet the MicroStylus Jack. This is the world's smallest, tiny little, microscopic speck version of a stylus. And although we have seen and reviewed our fair share of capacitive touchscreen styluses, this one takes the cake in being highly portable. The questions is, can the MicroStylus Jack replace the need for much larger, traditional styluses? Find that and more in the full review after the jump!

The simple, short answer is absolutely not. With that short bit of disappointing news, the MicroStylus Jack does have a place in the styli realm though. The MicroStylus Jack's $10 price tag sure does seem appealing when all the other big boys cost two to three times as much. And with a solid, all-aluminum construction, this is a pretty nifty little stylus. It comes in black and silver bodies with a rubbery rounded capacitive tip.

Even at $10, you don't get much for what you pay. The MicroStylus Jack is essentially a rubber nib on a stem that's barely long enough for two of your fingers to grab hold of. Which brings me to another point. Using the MicroStylus Jack as a stylus is like using someone else's finger. I found myself using two or even three fingers to grasp onto the little stem and I felt stupid doing so. After a few minutes of doodling whilst thinking to myself I would rather use my damn finger instead, my fingers would get the cramps from awkwardly holding such a tiny piece of nonsense. 

It almost seems ridiculous to be using such a tiny stylus whether it's with an iPhone or an iPad, actually it is ridiculous. What is it good for? I've asked that question when I first found out about the MicroStylus Jack. I've never seen a stylus this accurately named. Not only does it have micro proportions, but the the stem of the MicroStylus Jack is designed to perfectly fit into any 3.5mm port for safe keeping. That means you always have a stylus on hand wherever you take your smartphone with you. Cases with decent port cutouts will have no trouble fitting the MicroStylus Jack. The fit is snug and secure, but you need to be careful not to pull it by its rubber nib or else you could end up with two pieces.

It may not be as precise as other styluses with similar rubber tips nor is it comfortable to use, it does serve a great tool for mindlessly doodling about without smudging your clean screen with oily fingerprints. So while I don't see myself ever using it again or even thinking about using it with tablets as large as the iPad, it can come in handy when your fingers are down right dirty and you really would rather not come close to touching your touchscreen, the MicroStylus Jack is always there. Waiting for you to unplug it and hold its micro metal body. Otherwise it makes for a great, multi-purpose dust plug.

The MicroStylus Jack is a fun, nifty little somewhat of a stylus that loves to plug into headphone jacks. At the end of the day, you might also end up losing it.