MoGo Talk Bluetooth Headset Case Review

MoGo Talk is the first to feature a case for the iPhone 3GS with an integrated Bluetooth headset. The MoGo Talks headset is ultra slim with a thinness of just 5mm. The headset is very light and surprisingly comfortable in the ear, the MoGo Talk comes with very slim ear tips from small to large and they are designed to stay in your ear and do a great job at it too. The ultra slim profile of the headset makes it possible to dock it right into the case that also acts as a dock charger for the headset, the headset clips in very securely but may fall out if not places in correctly. I found that even with the ultra slim design of the headset, when docked into the case it is not 100% flush with the case so setting your iPhone down might scratch the headset. Full review after the cut!

MoGo Talk is very well designed with both metal and plastic and the call audio is great but nothing more then similarly priced Bluetooth headsets. Charging is very easy, just connect the micro-USB into the case port with the headset docked and charging will begin, a red light will turn on, when finished charging a blue light will turn on. The MoGo Talk does not affect the iPhone’s battery life nor does not charge it. The MoGo Talk case is nicely designed as well and is a clip on style that offers minimal protection but is very comfortable while holding and will add a significantly amount of bulk to your iPhone. 

The MoGo Talk does a good job at keeping your Bluetooth headset with you at all times and docking it right on the back of your iPhone gives you faster access to your headset, just pop it out and your ready to go. From a single quick charge you will get 4 hours of talk time. To pair the MoGo Talk with your iPhone simply press the side button for 10s until the red/blue light flashes and choose MoGoTalk in your Bluetooth settings.

Currently the MoGo Talk is only available for the iPhone 3G/S and BlackBerry in black but more colors will soon be available.  Price $129.99.  Available on and in Apple stores.