Moku Desktop Chair Wood Stand for MacBook Air & Pro Review


The Japanese sure do love their curves. Moku is a Japanese company that specialises in modern woodcrafting. Bending wood into curvy shapes is what Moku does best. Moku's Desktop Chair will make you think twice about going with the industrial aluminum machined stands that are so readily available and well, are so cold and lifeless to be honest. The Desktop Chair is much more versatile than other stands whilst keeping things simple and as minimal as a piece of white paper. There's more than meets the eye to this compact wood stand though, so jump over the hedge for the full review!


As a simple stand made out of wood, the Desktop Chair has a lot to offer when it comes to compatibility. It does what it was designed to do, and that's providing a place for your MacBook to be propped against in a vertical stance. If you're using your MacBook as a desktop computer with an external display attached, the Desktop Chair gives you a beautiful way to display your beloved Mac while taking up much less surface area saving you some desk space.


$37.99 is how much you'll need to drop in exchange for this hand made desktop Mac stand that's made out of natural basswood. And that isn't asking very much. Because in return, you are getting the most amazing stand carved out of wood, bent into a shape that was designed to fit many different types of MacBooks and then sanded to perfection. As for the industrialists, you will find that the Desktop Chair comes bare naked in its true and natural wooden form with rounded, clear rubbery feet awaiting on a sheet for you to place at the bottom side of the stand for surface traction. 


A fairly large, and perfectly cut to fit piece of a black felt pad is also included but not installed on the Desktop Chair. You've got the choice where and when to stick it should you choose. Of course, I'd recommend you do. Specifically at the bottom making sure you line part of the felt pad starting from the edge of the front lip so to keep friction of when inserting your MacBook in and out from potentially getting scratched and scuffed. And because this felt pad is somewhat on the thick side, it also serves as a dampening material where your MacBook would be able to rests all of its weight without damaging itself nor the wood.


As for the part where your MacBook lays against, you can call it the spine of the Desktop Chair, well that part is left unpadded. My only concern is that this little surface of the wood would end up scuffing my MacBook Air or MacBook Pro after a while of sliding in and out. So far I haven't run into issues. On the other hand, I'm using a Wrapsol matte skin for scratch protection so I don't mind having that part uncovered by some sort of clear rubber pad. If you have any doubts though, know that the finish of the wood is as smooth as a baby's butt. I mean silky smooth. So I'm confident enough that this wouldn't end up scratching your device.

The Desktop Chair could have been even better if it only had a cutout in the middle to better organize the charging cable like most desktop stands have and an extra clear rubber protection pad.


I really couldn't ask for a better stand to grab a hold of my MacBook Air to save me valuable space. The Desktop Chair isn't only good at being a desktop stand when you're connected to an external display though. While many of you will have different ideas of using a stand such as this, I've been using the Desktop Chair on top of my beside table for a quick portable docking station for my MacBook Air. It looks good, extremely sturdy and stable, and it's compact enough to let me use a small bedside table for other things as well with room to spare where if I were to lay the Air flat, I wouldn't have had enough space. 

You'd be surprised how lightweight this stand is, yet it manages to keep a sturdy stance making it hard to knock over even with a heavy MacBook Pro or an iPad standing up vertically.


Even though the Desktop Chair was designed to prop up a MacBook Air, MacBook Pro as well as the fatter MacBook in all screen sizes with or without a hardshell protective cover, its universal design will also fit tablets like the iPad, iPad 2 and other similar tablets in size in both landscape and portrait orientation. Again, you can use back covers with your iPad as well as a Padlette grip with no issues. I wouldn't necessarily recommend the Desktop Chair to be solely used as an iPad stand only because the lip completely covers up the home button when placed in portrait orientation. But if you've got both devices then the Desktop Chair will do you good.

What else can be said? Moku's had made Desktop Chair is a great, beautifully curved, simplistic wooden stand for any MacBook that offers more and can easily replace those who have been around before like the BookArc at an affordable price. 

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