MOS Magnetic Cable Organizer Review


Once in a blue moon we come across a successful Kickstarter product that's so good at what it's meant for, it completely changes the way we look at crowdfunding projects. MOS, or Magnetic Organization System for long - is that very product that was recently brought to market with one very important aspect, design. It's one of the many cable organizers readily available, but the MOS sets itself apart by implementing incredible design with the ease of magnetization you can be proud to set on your desk. We rarely feature cable organizers, yet we feel like the MOS is unique enough to merit our attention. Be sure to check out the full review down below!


First let's look at what you'll get inside the well designed packaging. The MOS comes with a a set of three silicone magnetic cable ties that are color-coded for fun, as well as a round 3M adhesive pad.


Well designed, and extremely elegant magnetic cable tethering solution

You know something is seriously special when you can't quite put your finger on what it actually is before reading the description or seeing said product in action. And that's exactly what the MOS is all about. The complex rounded triangular design screams of sculptured art form. And the solid build quality is nothing short of impressive. Remember we're talking about a simple cord organizer here. The MOS is available in two different types of materials in silver, black and white colors. The white and black plastic versions run for $24, while the aluminum will set you back $40, respectively. Naturally we opted to take a look at the aluminum version, and boy are we impressed by the result. 


Most ingenious cable organizer for Mac users

The idea was to design a cable organizer or harness to put it more precisely, which would grab hold of the connector end of a cable - keeping it from falling off your desk and available to grab right away without having to push and pry thru tight spaces like you would otherwise using various cable organizers. Being that the MOS uses a magnetic connection that secures the cables in place makes it very intuitive, and literally effortless to use. It's no secrete the MOS was first designed with Mac users in mind. The Magnetized surface works naturally with Apple's aluminum-encased metal cable connectors out of the box.


How it works is dead simple. Put the MOS on your desk (preferably near the edge), and place your MagSafe or MagSafe 2 connector on one of the four available magnetized spots that'll immediately cling onto the metal connector. The embedded magnets have a strong pull so that they harness the cable connectors securely atop. The MOS is designed to work with metal connectors that can magnetically cling onto its beautiful curved surface like Apple's MagSafe, MagSafe 2 and Lightning connector cables. It won't work with Apple's 30-pin, USB and 3.5mm audio cables without extra bit of help from those colorful silicone cable ties you see caress the MOS with a touch of vibrancy.


Cables that aren't lucky enough to have sufficient metal in their construction to magnetically cling onto the MOS' magnetized surface all by themselves, will instead use the included magnetic cable ties to get the job done in what I think is the most elegant way imaginable.


The MOS' aluminum finish is remarkable. The hard-anodized aluminum looks and feels like it was created by Apple itself. So can you bet it'll blend it well with your MacBook and of course its MagSafe cable. It's also machined from one solid block of aluminum which explains why it feels so substantially solid and hefty too.


The bottom of the base is covered with a special micro-suction material that's ultra-sticky and grabs hold of the surface without letting go. It's the same type of sticky material used in products like the Capta smartphone tripod mount so it's ridiculously strong in its bond with the surface. It even works well on textured wood desks. You won't be able to move it until you purposely want to relocate it, that's how great the MOS' micro-suction base is. As much as it's sticky, it won't leave any residue behind whatsoever. So no matter how strong the embedded magnets are, you'll be able to pull your cable connector right off without the MOS moving in the slightest.


The extraordinary part about the MOS' design is that it can even be mounted on a wall or on the side of your desk in the even you don't want to sacrifice a bit of space atop of your desk. That where the included 3M adhesive pad comes into play. It fits into the orange circular bottom at the base of the MOS where it'll help it attach more securely in a vertical position.


Unfortunately, there's only one tragic flaw we saw coming miles away. And that's scuffing/scratching of the aluminum surface. The metal connectors rub against the MOS' aluminum finish, and eventually cause scuff marks and scratches to both parties with use. It's unavoidable unless you opt for the plastic model or plan on using only the magnetic cable ties. It's a shame such a beautiful object can and will eventually be soiled by the very purpose it has been designed for. However, if you can live with a few marks on the aluminum finish, then it's not all bleak. And because the MOS is crafted from solid aluminum and isn't colored, the marks aren't all too noticeable.


We love the idea, and we love the end result. The MOS Magnetic Organization System is one of the very few accessories we'd be willing to actually use ourselves. Who wouldn't want one their desk is the question. From concept to a working retail product, this is one amazingly designed and functionally convenient to use magnetic cable harness. Only problem is the eventual metal-on-metal results which we're not too happy about, yet we're willing to live with. If you're put off by the aluminum getting scuffed and scratch marks in key points, you'll be better off with the $24 plastic version instead. After all, it offers the same wonderful ease of use and remarkable design the aluminum variant brings to the table.

We're giving the MOS an above average recommendation based on the fact that is works so well, and that there are plastic versions that won't cause any cosmetic damage to both the metal connectors and the product itself.