NOCS NS200 Earphones With Remote And Mic

It's no doubt the Swedish know how to make good sounding earphones and headphones. Nocs are a Swedish in-ear and headphone maker bringing us well designed audio products like the NS200 earphones that feature a remote and mic compatible with the iPhone, iPad, iPod and even Macs. The NS200 are Nocs' first model out of three others. The Nocs NS200 feature dynamic drivers which produce a very warm and full sound with beautiful bass that brings every song you're listening to, it's own beats. The NS200 are constructed from aluminum for maximum durability and have superb built quality. Full review after the break!

Sound is not only great on the NS200, it's the perfect balance of clarity, richness and power that delivers your music just the way you like it. I cannot see how anyone wouldn't enjoy listening to their music collection with the Nocs NS200. They are perfect for any music genre.

Nocs has a unique way of packaging their earphones and these small details show throughout your experience with their product. The packaging is very easy to open with neat little labeled packages. 

The NS200 do not have any distorted sound at higher than normal volumes and can deliver thumping low bass at low volumes. Sound isolation is pretty good using the supplied stock silicone sleeves. Background noise will greatly be reduced using the supplied silicone sleeves which are also very comfortable and stay in your ears even while working out. The cord is a bit on the short side but perfect for portable devices, not so much while you're at home or at the office as you will find the cord to be in your way most of the time. I love the slim designed 3.5mm jack, it will fit your iPhone and iPod with most cases on.

The Nocs NS200 have a fantastic, easy to use remote and mic that have rounded control buttons that let you control your calls and music. Some earphones that have a remote and mic tend to be heavy and pull on your ear, and that makes it uncomfortable, but because the NS200 have a very lightweight remote and mic it's not an issue to be concerned about. While the mic sounds very clear while talking and recording voices, it doesn't block out a lot of background noise. Both the a-Jays Three by JAYS we reviewed and the Nocs NS200 sound similar and perform really well at their price range, like I said the Swedish know how to make great earphones.

So far the Nocs NS200 are a keeper at first listen. You can pick up the NS200 in black or silver for $69.

Nir Schneider