Nuu ClickMate PowerPlus iPhone Battery Case Review

There have been an increasing number of battery cases coming into the market, each of them hoping to bring something unique to the table while providing extra battery life for your iPhone. Apple accessory maker Nuu introduced their ClickMate Series for the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 which features the PowerPlus battery case, Wallet card holder, and the Clip belt clip. These three separate cases form the perfect combination to fit your daily lifestyle in a unique way. Check out our full review after the break!

Straight out of the box, you’ll find the ClickMate PowerPlus with a USB to Micro-USB for charging. The rechargeable 1600 mAh battery is non-removable but Nuu was able to package it into a surprisingly thin form factor. Along with the battery case, there is also another case that Nuu calls the foundation case. This simple concept is what sets Nuu’s ClickMate Series apart from the competition. With just one of these foundation cases, you can mix and match between any of the three add-ons to fit both your style and needs.

The mechanism and idea behind the foundation case is a simple clip that exists on each of the add-ons that will attach onto the case. With a simple flick of the finger, your iPhone pops right off of the PowerPlus.

The added battery life is definitely welcome for any heavy iPhone user, but battery-charging cases are notoriously known for the added bulk. Unfortunately, this case is no exception. The added weight and size from both the foundation and battery case is very noticeable.

This extra 1600 mAh battery supplies an additional 75% battery for your iPhone and is set to provide you with an extra 5 hours of talk time, 5 hours of internet usage, and a whopping 225 hours of standby time. Four well-lit LED lights on the bottom of the case indicate the battery life, and it will definitely take a while before you find yourself having to recharge your iPhone. Once you do decide to plug it for a recharge, both your iPhone and the PowerPlus will charge, allowing you to keep the case on while recharging. It also allows syncing as well, which is always convenient and less of a hassle.

Say that you’re tired of having to lug around such a heavy case and now you need an easy solution to carry your iPhone around because your gym shorts don’t have any pockets. The Nuu Clip solves that problem; swap out the PowerPlus and snap the Clip onto your foundation case and you’re ready to go. The belt clip on the back is secure and tightly clamps down, so you won’t have to worry about your iPhone falling. The quality of both the clip and the case are very well constructed so even if you were to drop it, you can rest assured.

Out of the three add-ons, the Wallet would be my favorite. Aside from not adding too much bulk to what I had to carry everyday, it actually decreased the number of things I had to bring with me. True to its name, the Wallet can hold your ID and some cash. Sadly, the slot is not large enough to fit too much more than that. As I typically forget to bring my wallet out with me, this case solved my problem instantly.

Overall, all three of Nuu’s ClickMate Series line were well constructed and performed what they were meant to. With the foundation case, I didn’t have to take off any cases, I just simply had to snap one off and attach the other. This ease of use and integration of their products is rarely seen among the big accessory companies. This luxury does however, come at a price. Nuu’s PowerPlus will set you back $70 while the Clip and Wallet costs $30 each. One last thing that seemed odd is the fact that the foundation cases come in a translucent black or white while the add-ons are all matte and dark, creating a “two-piece” look when the idea of the ClickMate Series was for seamless integration.

The quick switcheroos and simple functionality the ClickMate Series offers sets Nuu apart from the rest of the competition. The overall quality and feel of the cases feels great and it is evident that these are not cheap products hoping to make a quick buck off the latest iPhone hype. If you are willing to spend the extra money, the ClickMate Series from Nuu is definitely worth a try.