Our Top 15 Favorite Slim iPhone 5 Cases: The Ultimate Guide

In this special Gadgetmac Guide we find the best of the best, the top of the top in slim protective cases made just for the iPhone 5. Since our last popular guide where we covered some of the best iPhone 5 cases we thought were available at the time, comes yet another informative case guide covering the sleekest options available. It includes slim, minimalist, ultra-thin cases and even one particular case with an epic, fresh twist.

If you're looking for that special case that'll accentuate the slimness of your iPhone 5, this is the type of guide that is exclusive to any case that isn't considered to bulk up the iPhone 5's sexy lines. We've searched and searched, so you won't have to. Our favorite slim iPhone 5 cases have been picked, plucked, and stuffed into one skinny guide of awesomeness. The full roundup is waiting for you down below!

desmay_iphone5_thin_new_slight_cases copy.jpg

Beginning at no particular order, the $23 New Slight 5 case by Desmay, also known as the Caudabe Veil, is remarkably thin and light at just 0.35mm. So thin that you can practically see thru it and won't even notice you've got a case on. One of the perfect ultra-thin cases you can get for the iPhone 5 that'll provide it with a complete top, bottom, back and side protection against scuffs and scratches. The New Slight 5 is made using a special PP material featuring a soft and pleasant matte finish to the touch. It comes in 4 colors including clear.


Hate branding markings that congest up your raw, hipster style? Well then the $20 Peel is a super thin iPhone 5 case so clean and nearly invisibly-thin at 0.35mm, it can be mistaken for a clear skin. It's also available in solid black in case you really want to cover up. Scratch protection at its most unpretentious form. It doesn't get any more basic than the Peel.


Its name practically begs for a spot in our guide. Offered in a wide selection of glossy vs velvety soft matte finished colors, slippery vs grippy textures - the $20 S5 Slim Fit 2 by Elago is a clean, beautifully simplistic snap-on hardshell type of a case designed for minimal protection with minimal bulk. The S5 Slim Fit 2 offers unhindered access using a wide exposed bottom opening compatible with Apple's various Lightning adapters and cables. What more could a purest ask for?


At just 0.4mm, this $35 Slims case made by iSkin is the thinnest case to offer full 360 degree coverage of precise protection and fit using two front and back pieces with an integrated bubble-free, anti-glare screen shield offering durable all around scratch protection without obstructed the iPhone 5's ports and buttons. iSkin claims its Slims case uses a BPA-free, non-toxic polycarbonate material which is highly flexible and durable. Dock and Apple Lightning adapter friendly. Available in 3 different style patterns.


Boasting a unique triangular prism textured pattern along the back including the front using a cool texture-matching screen protector, the $19 Polygon by Cygnett is an ultra-slim and scratch protective hard snap-on case with enhanced grip and edge protection. At only 0.4mm in thickness, the Polygon comes in a translucent blue and clear.


id America's $15 Mist for the iPhone 5 is a minimalist slim, hardshell snap-on case made with a lightweight and scratch-resistant plastic designed to seamlessly blend in with the iPhone 5's slender profile. The Mist is a great scratch-protective minimalist case which is available in six creamy, translucent matte colors including solid black and white.


The $20 S5 Breathe by Elago Design is an ultra-slim and durable, hard snap-on iPhone 5 case with an interesting perforated design. The S5 Breathe uses non-toxic plastic and features a matte soft-touch coating for added grip and resistance to scratching and oil marks, as well as offering full access to ports and buttons. Elago went to the extreme in offering its S5 Breathe case in a wide range of vibrant colors to fit anyone's style.


Another worthy case by Elago is the $27 Outfit Matrix, an ultra-slim snap-on style of a protective case featuring a distinct sophisticated hybrid design by fusing a non-toxic polycarbonate hardshell with a brushed aluminum mid plate to fit in with the original premium style of the iPhone 5. Available in 5 elegant colors.


Moving forward and onto what we consider to be slim profiled cases, the $13 Field Case by Magpul offers extreme tactile grip using a textured surface made from a proprietary semi-rigid TPU material designed to protect your iPhone 5 against scratches including minor drops with its form-fitting, flexible fit and tactical style. Available in orange, pink, black, gray, dark green and tan sand colors. Not a dock or Apple Lightning adapter friendly case. Slightly more protective than previous listed ultra-thin cases.


The Slim Armor Color Series by Spigen is a slim form-fitting and protective case for the iPhone 5 known to turn heads with its bold, contrast-filled two-tone color style. Featuring a slanted-edge, two-layer hybrid design mixed with a user customizable hard polycarbonate frame and a black shock-absorbing TPU casing. Pass thru volume and sleep/wake buttons are integrated into the case as well as precise bottom cutouts. Available in 9 vibrant colors, including individually sold frame parts which are available in 10 different colors. Slightly more protective than previous listed ultra-thin cases. Not a dock and Apple Lightning adapter friendly option.


A $29 Neo Hybrid EX Slim by Spigen is one bumper case that's tough to skip on. Loved for its low-profile and durable hybrid protection of hard and soft layers, the Neo Hybrid EX Slim offers subtle grip with integrated buttons and a great fit and finish. Each bumper case comes with a set of front and back film protection. Available in a lot of colors. A lot. Picking one could take you a while. Some will match the metallic finish of the iPhone 5 while others pop with lustrous vibrancy.


Available in multitude of fun two-tone color hues, the $25 Grip Candy Sheer for the iPhone 5 by Belkin is a slimmed profile case that combines the classic look of a bumper style case with the added benefit of a fully protected translucent back that'll safeguard your iPhone 5 from scratched, bumps and minor drops. The Grip Candy Sheer case is made out of a flexible TPU material with a glossy finish to pop those colors off. Includes button coverage and a front lay-on-the-table design. Slightly more protective than previous listed ultra-thin cases. Not a dock and Apple Lightning adapter friendly option.


It isn't a case per se, but the $79 T-type 3 bumper for the iPhone 5 merits a place as one of our favorite slim cases in the metal variety. Known for its super slim and ultra-minimalist design, the T-type 3 is a beautifully shaped aluminum bumper case featuring integrated buttons, an easy snap-in construction and a sand-blasted satin finish that'll match your iPhone 5 in its premium quality. Available in 8 colors.


Vaja's $80 Nuova Pelle can't be called a case, nor can it be described as a bumper. It's an elegantly designed, luxury leather cover made with a minimalist and seamless, slim one-piece construction which wraps around your iPhone 5 keeping it looking naked whilst protecting it from the front towards the back. A cover protects the screen as it magnetically secures to it and flips back when you mean business. By using a special adhesive, the Nuova Pelle can get away without adding any bulk whilst also accentuating the iPhone 5's industrial design and chamfered edges. Perfect for those looking for a minimalist, classy-looking leather case made to offer little protection but a big impression.


Last but not least - the case with the twist. You can really get a real feel for your iPhone 5 with the $70 Radius by Mod-3. The Radius is an ultra-slim and lightweight exoskeleton case that's so slim it barely protrudes above the iPhone 5's sleep/wake button. Machined from lightweight aluminum parts, the Radius consists of 4 corner modules lined with a vibration-absorbing material which are connected using tiny screws to a thin X frame that holds them together while showcasing and protecting the back side of the iPhone 5, unlike a traditional bumper. The corner modules are chamfered to match the bezel of the iPhone 5, while raised profiles at the front of the corner modules elevate the front of the iPhone 5 allowing it be safely put face down. Available in multiple colors and finishes.