Poetic FlipBook Flip Cover & Atmosphere HTC One Case Review

Got one of them HTC One smartphone devices? Great, now all you need is a case and we've got two different types of cases that'll keep your One in top shape. Now that HTC embraced Google's stock Android with the release of the One Google Edition, there are even more reasons to jump on board the iPhone 5 rival. Poetic's first line of defence includes two inexpensive and extremely popular style of cases. We will be taking a look at the FlipBook, a flip cover case that offers a whole lot of protection without the bulk. And the Atmosphere, a slim dual-injected case with an aesthetically pleasing see-thru design. You won't want to miss out on our 2-in-1 review after the break.

We start with Poetic's Atmosphere case. Look it up and you will find that this particular case is available not only for the HTC One, but also for any relevant device currently on the market. In fact, we have reviewed the Atmosphere for the iPhone 5 and thought highly of it. Unsurprisingly, this HTC One version does not disappoint either. The Atmosphere is a hard shell case featuring a clear hard polycarbonate back combined with the soft properties of TPU which are seamlessly injected into the hard polycarbonate shell to create a case that offers great drop and impact protection.

The TPU gives the Atmosphere its distinct color, flex as well as its grip. Holding the HTC One with this case feels really good and you have plenty of grip surrounding the edges of the case. What's more, the cleat polycarbonate back while tough, also lets you see the beautiful and interesting industrial design of the One's aluminum build. The clear polycarbonate on the other hand has a subtle frosted texture to it, however, it is slick.

The fit is very snug, maybe overly so even and you will find that removing the Atmosphere requires a good minute or so until it pops right off and could be a little difficult. You can see that the TPU material covers the One's volume rocker with two defined buttons, whereas the IR Blaster button isn't at all covered. Instead, the case offers a large opening that makes reaching the button a breeze. The same type of cutout is also provided for the 3.5mm audio port, but I'm afraid it isn't big enough to fit non-slim audio plugs so I'd be cognizant about that. Again cutouts all throughout are precise and well executed.

A lip around the edge periphery elevates the One's screen providing an adequate amount of protection should the device fall and land on its face without being bulky.

While I like the Atmosphere for the HTC One, it still isn't perfect. The color of the injected TPU material isn't vibrant enough and looks a little full in person. Poetic sent us the orange model, and we couldn't tell whether it was a dull shade of orange or yellow that has been set in the sun for too long. Granted you aren't paying a lot to really care, but it's worth noting especially when we've experience the same issue when we reviewed Poetic's Borderline bumper case. We must stress that we're factoring in the Atmosphere's price when speaking of its decent quality as oppose the what is considered to be a very high quality case such as Speck's CandyShell case with a similar protective dual injection feature.

We recommend going for the black colored TPU Atmosphere case if you think this will become a nuisance to you. Because otherwise, the Atmosphere case is a great inexpensive protective case for the HTC One, and we actually do recommend it for the price ($13). It's a pleasure to use, and the fact that you know you haven't spent an insane amount of money on a case that looks good and protects your investment is all the more sweeter. The Atmosphere case for the HTC One is available in six colors.

People really seem to enjoy using flip style cases which were made popular thanks to Samsung's Flip Case for the Galaxy and Note devices. Even HTC created a version of its own for the One called the Double Dip Flip Case ($40) which turns out, is a big disappointment. Luckily there are plenty of third party options out there to choose from including Poetic's FlipBook. As of this review, the FlipBook is available in white or black colors for $13. Being a flip style case, the FlipBook consists of a hard polycarbonate shell where the One simply snaps into with ease.

Attached to the shell is a front flip cover made from a textured leather-like material as Poetic claims it to be. Only it really doesn't come close. The texture is very subtle and while it can be felt, it really isn't visible. It does however, try to mimic the micro pattern of Samsung's Flip Case. It feels a lot like polyurethane, yet the cover is very rigid which is perfect because it'll offer plenty of screen protection when closed and in your pocket. The cover isn't held on by magnets, or magical powers unfortunately.

The shell itself features a nice, smooth rubbery soft-touch finish even on the white colored FlipBook as well as on the black. Fingerprints aren't at all visible on the white surface, but we're sure that'll be a different situation once the black color is involved. Overall the finish makes, beveled edges and contoured shape of the FlipBook makes it a comfortable flip case to use and hold.

If there's one thing that irks me is distasteful logo placement. The FlipBook has not one but two logos. And I'm not a fan of the large embossed logo at the back. The small and unobtrusive metallic logo around on the front cover alone would suffice. Not even Poetic's Atmosphere has such a gaudy logo on its back, what gives?

If only the FlipBook had the same type of clear polycarbonate shell as the Atmosphere so that you could actually see more of your One instead of covering it up. But that's obviously a matter of taste more than a functional feature we would like to see being implemented.

As I've mentioned earlier, installing and removing the One from the FlipBook is quick and easy. The interior isn't padded nor lined with a type of fabric material other than smooth polyurethane. The shell keeps the One strapped into place securely around the edges like a snap-on case, which is also very similar to HTC's own Double Dib Flip Case. Only that the FlipBook actually fits the One perfectly all around. The front flip cover extends out from underneath the phone rather than having a joint or a hinge attached to the shell, and that'll help reduce strain adding durability to the FlipBook's wear and tear.

Because of the FlipBook's design, access to the One's buttons and ports is outstanding. Granted without the front cover, the shell itself offers little protection around the front of the device but that's a typically caveat that comes with these flip style cases.

If you're worried the cover will get in your way, flip it back and it'll lay completely flat against the back of the shell allowing you to use your One without interruption. The cover does remain flush up against the screen when closed solely by its own weight. And it works like a charm with no break-in period like most leather flip cases require. I should note that I found the edges of the flip cover a little sharp which can be an issue to some people.

Even with the FlipBook's giant tramp stamp logo on its back side, and the Atmoshpere's underwhelming color vibrancy, both cases are acceptably great for the price you pay. I'd pick one of them up if I couldn't stand paying a premium price for a simple plastic case. I'm sure other companies like Spigen will come out with their version of the flip case which I think will be even better than the FlipBook respectably, but for now, the FlipBook is another solid option we can recommend for the HTC One if you're on a budget. At just $13, you cannot go wrong with the FlipBook unless you're expecting premium quality and attention to detail.