Scosche FlipSync Keychain Charge & Sync Cable for iPhone, iPad & iPod Review

Ah the classic Apple White USB charge and sync cable. A must for almost every Apple peripheral, sometimes it is just not there when you need it on the go. That problem is solved with the Scosche FlipSync Keychain Charge and Sync Cable for iPhone, iPad and iPod! A gem of an idea, this little thing has the potential to solve all your charging and syncing problems in those tight spots. Does it work, and is it worth it? Click on to read more!

If you are like me, you tote around your car keys almost everywhere with you along with your phone. And after playing on your phone all day, sometimes you just need a quick charge or data transfer while on the go. Scosche, a company that has been churning out many different solutions for Apple enthusiasts, has created the FlipSync Keychain to help keep a synch and charge cable with you on the go.

The FlipSync comes packaged in a nice retail box, with a window that shows you its capabilities. Once removed from the packaging, you will see that it has a dock connector cable end and a USB end that can be collapsed into the body of the keychain. I found it a little hard to collapse the connectors into the compact form at first. The keychain has imprints in the plastic that tell you what end to insert first. After working it in, I was able to eventually collapse it into its compact form. The USB end should be collapsed first, followed by the dock connector.

When the cable ends are stowed away, the keychain looks just like a garage door opener or a car remote. The design is quite ingenious. The plastic is hard and molded nicely and the keychain sits nicely on my keyring camouflaged. Between that and my Lacie iamakey, my coworkers are quite jealous of what I tote around on my keys.

Testing the cable for charging and syncing, the FlipSync works just as expected. The cable length is extremely short and thus would only be ideal for laptop setups. The USB connector of the FlipSync first very snuggly into my USB ports as it seems to be very robust and thick. I found this just fine as it kept things plugged in firmly. Charging started up right away and my iPhone synced my information and data just as fast as my original Apple charging cable. The plastic housing of the connectors are molded and offer a nice grip for you if and when you want to remove them from your devices.

Scosche is well known for making Apple accessories, competing with a great number of other companies in the same game. Scosche has these for $14.99 on their website, and I imagine this to be a fair price for a charge/sync cable let alone one that has ‘extra’ capabilities. The FlipSync is definitely something unique, and a great convenience for those who need some extra juice on the go. So far the FlipSync works nicely and would be a great asset for anyone with an Apple peripheral and a set of keys!