Sena Argyle Pouch for iPhone 4 Review

The Sena Argyle has got be the most amazing and elegant looking pouch for the iPhone 4. It combines Italian leather and embroidered argyle pattern for a very sophisticated look, not to mention it's a big attention grabber. Typically with pouch style cases you cannot have any other case on your iPhone 4 in order for it to fit into the Argyle. The Argyle has a very snug tight fit which is a very secure so your iPhone 4 will not slide out by itself. You can however use a back skin and a screen protector on your iPhone 4 with the Argyle without any problems. At first the Argyle has a very tight fit and requires you to push a but hard to insert your iPhone 4 inside. After a week or so of daily use, the Argyle will break-in a bit to completely form fit the shape of the iPhone 4 which will make it easier to fit.

I just love how unique the Argyle pouch look and feels. Not only does the Argyle look good, it performs outstandingly well in everyday use. One of the best things about this pouch is the elastic pull tab which stretches out in order to pull out your iPhone 4 more easily and goes right back to it's original place, this make things more organized because you are not left with a dangling pull tab strap after you use it to release your iPhone. This is a big feature that needs to be done right in pouch style cases, and Sena has got it right on with the Argyle.

The craftsmanship on the Argyle pouch is very precise with heavy duty side stitching. While your iPhone 4 is inside the Argyle pouch, you do not have any access to your buttons but this is something to consider when deciding to go with pouches. You do have speaker holes located at the bottom of the pouch so that you can still hear an incoming call or other sound indicator very well. The Argyle is lined with soft velvet. Even though you cannot use your iPhone 4 while it's inside the Argyle, it still stays very protected. The construction of the Argyle pouch feels very solid and will provide good shock protection. Slipping the Argyle pouch into your pocket will feel like a breeze and it doesn't feel bulky at all. I would highly recommend this sleek pouch to people who prefer their iPhone 4 without a case but still need protection when not using it. The Argyle is the elegant way to go. You can choose between two color combination of orange black and brown beige. Price $39.95.

Nir Schneider