Sena Folio Case for MacBook Air Review


Sena is a maker of high quality leather products for all of your portable devices. As an owner of many Sena cases over the years, I know that the company puts out well designed products made of quality materials.     While there are many folio style cases out there for the MacBook Air, Sena's Folio Case stands out from the rest. Why you ask? Find out after the jump.


If you peruse eBay, you can find a lot of third party case manufacturers who have developed a nice folio case for the 11-inch as well as the 13-inch MacBook Air. Twelve South's magical BookBook is yet another good example of a vintage leather folio case under the cover of a vintage book styling which is absolutely unique if that is something you're interested in.

 Sena also makes the Folio Case in sizes which are compatible with the 13-inch and 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro. The concept of a Folio Case is that your computer sits in a case that essentially closes up like a book or folio. It allows you to encase your computer in a professional, maybe even executive - looking leather case, and allows you to quickly open up your computer and work on the go. With this type of folio case, the little details matter, and I have found that Sena really paid attention to these details.


The Folio Case does not come in a box - it is partially encased in cardboard that allows the customer to feel the quality of the leather. The Folio Case has smooth surface, and is lightly padded to protect your computer. The stitching is done in black and there are no extra frills, lines, or stitch points in the case. In all, Sena's Folio Case has a low profile design that is clean and sleek with no extra bells and whistles. 


The inside of the Folio Case has pockets to allow you to put in business cards and notes. There is even a deep side pocket that allows you to put in papers and other miscellaneous items. To install the Folio Case, simply slip in the bottom portion of your MacBook Air into the leather palm rest covers. There is an opening for the trackpad and the computer sits in this pocket securely.


To complete the Folio Case installation, there are two elastic straps in the top corner of the other side of the case that allow you to secure your screen in place.


I am very impressed by the materials that this case is made out of. While the outside leather is supple and the case is lightly padded to offer protection, the inside of the case is lined with leather as well, although a smoother microfibery textured leather. I have no doubts that my MacBook is enjoying itself in this case.

The case closes via a snap button, and the flap folds back and is held in place via a magnet so you don't have a flap in your way when you are working on your computer. Smart, Sena.


This is really the ultimate case for the business professional. If you one of those types that goes to meetings all day, and is consistently on the go, this is an ideal case for you. It is very easy to just open up the case and use your computer when you need it - and then close it up and snap it up when you are on your way to your next meeting. The materials are high quality but not flashy. After using this case for about a month, I can report that it has held up well. The straps have not loosened, and the case still stays tight on the computer.


The Folio Case retails for $139 from Sena directly, but oddly enough you'll find it for $100 thru Apple. A high price certainly, but you get quality materials, taught stitching, and sleek design. There are similar cases out there for much less, but if you want the best Folio case for your MacBook, this would probably be the one unless you like the vintage book styling of Twelve South's $80 BookBook better. If black is not your color, the Folio Case also comes in brown as well as red and black crocodile-imprinted leather if you opt for the 11-inch MacBook Air Folio Case-specific.