Sound ID 510 Bluetooth Headset Review

The Sound ID 510 Bluetooth headset looks amazingly sleek, slim and most importantly, it's ultra comfortable. Not only does the 510 fit perfectly in your ear, it also sounds very good on both ends of the call. The 510 has RealComfort EarLoops which I noticed right away how comfortable they are compared to all the other headsets I've come across. These uniquely designed ear loops or ear tips, are able to turn a bit to the right or left to perfectly fit your right or left ear. Once I put on the 510 I instantly thought that there is no way that it can come off my ear without me wanting it to, which is a problem with a lot of Bluetooth headsets out there. Another very nice feature the 510 has is touch sensitive volume control, which is simply the entire outer surface. This works very well by simply sliding your finger up or down to control the volume right on the headset. More after the jump!

There is only one button control to be found on the 510 headset except for the on/off power switch on the side, which is to answer/end a call, voice dialing and redial the last number you called.  I know that a lot of people want to be able to listen to some music with their Bluetooth headset, so with the 510 you can! Not only can you listen to music but you can hear your GPS navigation and other sounds you may need to hear. I've tested the 510 with an iPhone 4, and it is fully compatible with it and works flawlessly. Of course the 510 will work with any Bluetooth supported phone and maybe even other devices. 

The 510 Bluetooth headset sounds very clear and it also has a few microphones that help eliminate wind and other background noises while your on a call. I don't think this works all that well, but it certainly does help at times. Listening to music sounds noticeably better than listening to a call. I'm very happy with the overall call quality and comfort that the 510 offers. Battery life is pretty good with up to 5 hours of talk time. Sound ID provides an app that is made for the 510 Bluetooth headset called EarPrint. which gives you updated battery info, the option to turn on Environmental Mode that enhances the surrounding sounds near you and even the ability to send a beeping signal to locate your 510 headset should you need to. I would recommend the 510 headset if you're seeking an ultra comfortable, good sounding headset.

The Sound ID 510 Bluetooth headset is available in both black and white colors and comes with a compact holster, USB wall charger, USB charging cable and various sized EarLoops. Price $129.95.