Spigen SGP Modello Case for iPhone 4/S Review

We love Spigen SGP for making truly great cases one after the other. Not to mention their incredible screen protectors most notably the Glas.t glass screen protector. The Modello is Spigen SGP's latest case for the iPhone 4 and 4S that not only looks interestingly unique for its type, but is reasonably priced and offers all around protection. Finally a decent case that isn't going to deflate your wallet. Be sure to jump past the break for the full review!

The Modello hands down wins the award for best packaged case at a jaw dropping low price. It's a bit over the top if I'm honest considering nothing but the case is inside the impressive hard shell packaging. It'll run you just $15, and with that you get nothing but the case itself. Either Spigen SGP wants to push it's rather awesome glass screen protector by not including their plastic screen protectors, or genuinely it's the reason why the Modello is priced the way it is. The Modello case comes in four vibrant colors along with the traditional black and gray colors, and features two different back patterns which make this case stand out from being too normal for what it is. We've got all of the colors and patterns of the Modello to have a look at except for blue. Ironic isn't it? We're not complaining though! 

So what's the deal with the Modello case? Put simply, it's your everyday case made out of a TPU material so commonly found in just about every plastic case on the market. What isn't so common though is the fact that Spigen SGP perfected this "cheap" case to the max. In no way does the Modello look nor feel cheap in person. The coating on the Modello's TPU material repels lint and dust with its grainy yet smooth to the touch texture. Where things get interesting to look at is the Modello's back, where either a glossy pattern of plus marks or a set of audio equalizer bars shine thru the matte textured TPU material creating one hell of a good time.

Now that's what I'd call a perfect camera cutout. It's different, and not done poorly like quite a lot of cases out there. Not to mention it looks good, like the eyes of Cleopatra. I'm happy to report that no matter the color, there won't be any issues with washed out photos if you end up firing the LED flash at night with the Modello case on.

The Modello case has an extremely slim profile and feels really good in the hand with its precise, smooth cuts and corners. I think that if you despise cases for being bulky or uncomfortable to use on a daily basis, the Modello will be a perfect suit for you. It form fits the iPhone 4/S just right. And while it has its flexibilities being that it's rather thin and made out of themroplastic, it remains rigid once it has encased the iPhone with no outwards flex on the sides, top or bottom. Just the way a case should be. Pretty much perfect for a TPU case especially at only $15.

Let's not forget that this is only a simple injection molded TPU case, and that means you'll see a few not so obvious injection points. That isn't to say that the Modello is any different from most other iPhone cases which cost double and even triple. You won't find a whole lot of grip because of that grainy finished TPU material Spigen SGP uses in most of its cases, but there's just enough grip present.

The Modello covers up and protects all of the iPhone's buttons whilst still retaining an excellent level of tactile feedback for button presses and has generous cutouts for the headphone and dock connectors ports. The side cutout for the silent switch is large and allows plenty of room for easy access. It'll fit perfectly well even if you're using Spigen SGP's Glas t glass screen protector, as long as it has been applied straight. 

If you take a look at the front of the iPhone you'll see that great lip that comes over the iPhone's glass surface for outstanding protection should you lay or drop your iPhone front face down. It's minimal and just right for the Modello to remain slim and fit. Just the way we like it. As far as overall protection goes, the Modello isn't the ideal drop protective case. But it looks like it can handle a few small drops and will surly keep scratches and scuffs away.

It's worth mentioning that both the orange and pink colored Modello cases exhibit more transparency than other colors which look more solid. This means that you'll be able to faintly see the back of the iPhone's Apple logo show thru the case. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but you should be aware of the difference in colors and the way they affect the characteristics of the TPU material. As for the blue colored Modello case, we obviously cannot comment whether it too will exhibit slight transparency. Also, the orange color has more of a neon look to it.

You absolutely cannot go wrong with the Modello case at $15. It offers a decent amount of protection, grip and is probably one of the best TPU cases from a respectable brand name. We found nothing wrong with the Modello case all things considered. The Modello is that kind of case you'll be coming back to over and over again just because it's designed right, feels great to use and looks good enough to use all year round. And for that, we can highly recommend it.