SwitchEasy Numbers Case for iPhone 5s Review


Although SwitchEasy is most known for its unique and audacious case designs, it does have a number of really minimalist and basic cases that are simplistic by the very definition. SwitchEasy's new Numbers case for the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c is just that, simple but protective. But that's not all it is, the Numbers case is one of SwitchEasy's more affordable offerings and even so, it doesn't skip on small details like defensive features. Check out the full review to find out what we think of it!


SwitchEasy's Numbers case for the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5 will only cost you $15, or $13 if you opt for the iPhone 5c variant oddly enough. It's available in five colors, four of which are solid pastel colors while the fifth is a translucent white which is the one we're reviewing here and the only Numbers case that will let your iPhone's two-tone design show through its frosted finish. And speaking about the finish, the Numbers features a matte textured body with a subtle, smooth granular texture that provides enough grip to where you don't feel like your iPhone will slip out of your hand, and that we like.

Our Space Gray iPhone 5s shows off its true colors with the frosted white Numbers case, and we're sure the gold iPhone 5s and vibrant slew of iPhone 5c devices will look mighty handsome with any one of SwitchEasy's Numbers cases whether it be that you're looking to match your iPhone in color, or simply like to enjoy what Apple has done with these new eye-catching hues using a subdued translucent frosted case.


Unlike SwitchEasy's Melt case we recently reviewed, the Numbers is a much nicer case to use as it feels a lot more comfortable to hold due to its smooth rubbery-esque material and simple uniform form factor. It's made from a flexible TPU-type polymer SwitchEasy likes to call a scratch-resistant hydro polymer that will absorb shock and help protect your iPhone from minor drops and bumps. The material is indeed scratch-resistant and doesn't show scuffs or other wear marks as easily as other TPU cases. And although it's flexible, the Numbers case does encase the iPhone with taut fit around the device that's also easy about going on and off the iPhone and overall provides you with a solid fit.


The back of the Numbers case is completely flat as it extends towards the edges which have a subtle rounded design which actually makes holding the iPhone 5s more pleasing. And because the case itself is slim, it fits around the iPhone 5s in a complimenting way almost as if nothing has changed except for the fact that using your iPhone feels a tad nicer. The only logo you're going to find is an inconspicuous embossed logo on the bottom side of the case where it matches the color of the case leaving the back of the case looking all that more innocent.


Like most of SwitchEasy's cases, the Numbers does not disappoint when it comes to nailing down the basics of proper protection and that means proper lay-on-the-table design. With a minimal lip around the iPhone's display providing sufficient screen-elevation coverage, the Numbers case is also fully compatible with tempered glass screen protectors. 


Taking a look at the left and top sides of the case we see that the volume plus sleep/wake buttons are covered with matching button designed which offer great feedback when pressed, however, because they're thick and not as refined as we'd prefer, they do require a little more effort in order to be pressed in.


Around the bottom, the Numbers features integrated port plugs that help protect the Lightning connector and headphone ports clean yet easily accessible at the same time. It's worth noting that you'll only be able to plug in very slim 3.5mm audio jacks when opening the flap. Conversely, the Lightning connector opening is much more accommodating. Also, instead of revealing openings the Numbers features perforated audio ports which seems to be a new SwitchEasy design language shared between most of its newly released cases for both the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, and it's a very welcome little attention to detail which may or may not have been inspired by Apple's official iPhone cases.


Just when we thought we've found an inexpensive and flawless protective case, a closer inspection reveals what we fear most. We found that around the volume button area the case doesn't fit as tightly over the edge as it does around the rest of the case. Sadly, this small nuisance is what keeps the Numbers case from earning our perfect rating. That said, it isn't an issue that you'll notice unless you pay very close attention to it. Seeing that there's a tendency for the material to flex a bit out of the box, we cannot be quick to give the Numbers a high rating even though we really like how great the case is to use. Otherwise the Numbers does not bend out of its original shape easily due to the firm material that makes it.


Nevertheless, because it's such an inexpensive minimalist case that indeed enhances the way we use our iPhone, we can recommend it to anyone looking for a slim case that offers great all-around protection and one that is good enough to be used your daily driver. In fact, it inches closer to one of our most favorite inexpensive cases, the Magpul Field Case which we consider to be the ultimate slim protective go-to case for the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5, albeit the Numbers falls short in matching the Field Case's enhanced grip and incredible all-around tight fit. Numbers is SwitchEasy's $15 wonder case - because out of the bunch of new cases SwitchEasy makes for the iPhone, we like it the most.