T8 Storm With Zephyr Lanyard iPhone 4/S Wallet Case Review

We've seen enough of the typical polycarbonate and silicone varieties of cases by now, and frankly, they're all starting to look the same to me. Fortunately, a Hong Kong company by the name of T8 is here to spice things up. The T8 Storm is a credit card holder case that features two pockets rather than just one. Wrapped in an elegant and handsome leather, they add a dose of class to your iPhone. Before you crack open that bottle of Dom Perignon in celebration, check out our full review past the break!

Presented in an Apple-esque kind of packaging, the Storm sets a high bar for itself, and delivers. Right away, you notice the premium quality of the leather that wraps around the entire case. That's good because it's handcrafted Italian calfskin leather that can only look better through use. 

On the inside, a sturdy rubber material does all the shock absorbing and is smooth so you won't take your case off and find a million little scratches. 

The color schemes that T8 uses are both elegant and bold, making sure that it gets itself noticed. You have a choice between black leather on light blue or tanned leather on red or light blue. The credit card slots are constructed with durable and long-lasting cloth material to ensure that even through constant sliding with your credit cards, it will still be able to last as long as the premium leather. 

The top slot is slightly deeper than the bottom one. Fortunately, T8 thought it through and constructed a slot deep enough so even with a credit card inserted, it doesn't cover up the camera. The bottom slot would typically be for smaller items such as cash. 

You might have noticed something that you don't normally see on any other cases; the small loop on the very top of the case is for a lanyard. The Zephyr lanyards come in matching colors to the appropriate case and is a rather unusual fashion choice. For a price of $15, you can get a matching lanyard that you can put on your neck and have your iPhone hanging. Honestly, I don't know who would want to ever do that, but it is an option. 

Once you install the case to your device, you don't notice a significant weight or size difference as this case is designed to be lightweight and sleek. However, I would recommend having a trusty screen protector if you don't already have one because the case lays flush to the iPhone if not even lower than the screen itself, so placing your iPhone face down could be a problem. 

All of the ports and buttons are easily accessible as the Storm does not have cut outs, but simply large cut outs that exposes a bit more metal than I would like. 

If you're ever invited to a fancy dinner or plan to pay a visit to your yacht club, think about dressing your iPhone up too with the T8 Storm. To make sure that you get your point across, slide your shiny Platinum AMEX card in one of the slots too. 

You can go and pick up one of these from T8's website for $60. Sure, it is a little steep for a case that doesn't do anything special nor does it have any flashy features, but if you were really going to get one of these and take it to the yacht club, it shouldn't be a big deal. No, but seriously, the quality of this case and the premium leather justifies a little extra. But do yourself a favor and forget about the lanyard, it's just silly. We recommend to give it a chance if you're also tired of the usual boring cases that we see everywhere now or check out a few other wallet cases while you're at it.