Draco Design Draco Evo Aluminum Bumper for iPhone 4/S Review

The very first bumper case accompanied the release of the iPhone 4. Adored for its simple and minimal style, iPhone users stormed Apple Stores to get their hands on one. Alright, maybe it was also because Apple offered them for free after the whole "Antennagate" fiasco. Nonetheless, we have to admit that a bumper does the job,and does it well. Look at Draco Design, a company proudly known for their phenomenal iPhone bumpers that are high quality as well as stylish. Check out the Draco Evo, a bumper that combines both aluminum and polycarbonate to deliver a strong and functional bumper that not only protects your device, but gets rid of the notorious signal  loss commonly found in metal material cases. Skip on down to see if the latest Draco creation fits in with its Draco IV predecessors.

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