Meet The All New Gadget Hub!

Meet the all new Gadgetmac feature called the Gadget Hub, a quick an easy way to browse thru content that's important and relevant to your device. Gadget Hub was created to provide you with an easy way of displaying reviews and guides that are only relevant for your device of choice. Currently, the Gadget Hub supports the iPhone 4, iPad and iPad 2, MacBooks and last but not least, the iPod Touch 4G. We are planning on adding more devices in the future of course.

I hope you will find the Gadget Hub to be a quick and easy tool to help you find the best accessory for your lovely device. Have fun!

Nir Schneider


Luxa2 AR Anti-Reflection Screen Protector for MacBooks

Colors pop on MacBooks with glossy screens that's for sure but what about all that glossiness glare reflecting off that beautiful shiny glass screen of yours? What if you prefer the looks of the glossy screen or you just didn't want to spend some more of your cash on a matte screen and now you can't handle looking at your own face while trying to watch a movie. Well you can always get yourself an anti-reflection screen protector for that glossy screen of yours. Read more to find out if the Luxa2 AR screen protector for MacBooks is really worth the trouble.

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