Poetic Borderline & Diztronic Nexus 4 Bumper Case Review

Nothing says a good deal like a cheap Android prime smartphone and a few great cases to protect it for under $10, and some pocket change. We love deals and just about anything that's offered to consumers for a banging price like the $300, off-contract Google Nexus 4. Naturally, we thought it would be nice to show our love for Google's Nexus 4 by having a look at a few protective accessories for people on a tight budget like the Borderline by Poetic and generic case manufacturer, Diztronic. Two very different types of cases with solid potential for style and protection. Both are dirt cheap options you can grab off of Amazon, and that aren't going to cost you more than $13. But enough of that, what you're here to know is whether or not these two cases will be worth your lint-infested pocket change. Our twofer review is right around the corner.

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