Shure SE310 In-Ear Earphones

The SE310 by Shure are one of the best sound isolating in-ear earphones iv’e tried thanks to Shure’s foam sleeve ear tips, the SE310 provide an ultra comfortable fit while staying secure in your ears. The best way to wear Shures is to loop the audio cord behind your ears to get the most comfort and secure fit out of your Shure earphones. The SE310 come with a huge assortment of ear tips from foam sleeves to flexible silicone tips. The audio cord  is very short however you also get a cord extension that is also detachable, so if for some reason you need to disconnect from your audio device then you don’t even need to take out your earphones out of your ear because the short cable does not get in your way. The build quality on the SE310 is very high and durable with a rubber coating on the end to help you get some grip when inserting them into your ears. 

Sound quality - Although Shure claims to have improved bass response in the SE310, they Shure do not have enough bass in them at all. I was disappointed to not get rich bass response, the bass is there but no punchy or full rich, nothing for bass lovers to see here. I have been using the SE310 for about a month and the sound doesn’t seem to change with burn in time. However the SE310 do sound amazing with really clear highs, very detailed and clear sound spectrum and every single instrument can be heard clearly. Music genres i would recommend listening with the Shure SE310 are Classical, Pop, Alternative, Electronic, County and some Rock. 

The SE310 come with a 2 year warranty, many different sizes and styles of ear tips, detachable extension cable and a portable hard protective storage case. The SE310 are way too expensive for what they offer however they are available for half their retail price on Amazon which makes them a good buy.  Price $299.99.

Nir Schneider