Twelve South SurfacePad iPhone 5 Cover Review

Over the years, Twelve South's ingenious Apple-oriented accessories have received numerous Editors' Choice awards from us. And thanks to yet another exceptional product made for the iPhone, we finally have a great reason to deviate from the norm of having to use a standardized case. But don't call it a case, Twelve South's new SurfacePad is anything but. The SurfacePad is a $35 luxurious and minimalist leather cover for the iPhone 5, and the iPhone 4/S. If you're someone who prefers using the iPhone in the nude - not literally but in its bare nakedness form as Jobs intended, yet still feel the need to get some form of protection that isn't going to drastically change the extraordinary design characteristic of the iPhone, then boy are you in for a sweet treat. Our full detailed review awaits down below!

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