Element Case Vapor Comp Aluminum Bumper for iPhone 4S Review

Going back to where it all began, Element Case was always known for manufacturing truly unique cases for the iPhone and really has lead the way to what aluminum cases are today with the evolution of the Vapor. Thanks for the folks over at TekCases, we can finally put the Vapor Comp - currently one of the hottest aluminum bumpers - thru its paces and say that we've almost reviewed every single aluminum bumper cases out there worthy of incasing the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

We know you guys hate seeing those bars drop like flies, so that's why Element Case has come up with a hybrid aluminum bumper case so stealthy that you should never have to worry about losing reception ever again whilst rocking one of the most awesome cases known to iPhone users. Well, so they say. We find out exactly that and much more in the full review right after that jump!

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