Element Case Eclipse S4 & Atom S4 Galaxy S4 Cases Review

Our first Samsung Galaxy S4 case review covers the latest of Element Case offerings that are exclusive to Samsung's 5-inch Android forerunner. Today, were going to be taking a look at two totally kick-ass cases for the Galaxy S4, one fancier than the other. The aluminum hybrid Eclipse S4 case and the ergonomically shaped Atom S4 case, two exemplary means of protection featuring genuine carbon fiber, sound-boosting awesomeness and all the attention-grabbing styling you could ask for. If upscale cases is what you really want, the Eclipse S4 and Atom S4 are the exact opposite of what you'll find elsewhere. Catch our the full review after the break!

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Drop DropCarbon Carbon Fiber iPhone 5 Case Review

Certain cases are made specifically for individual lifestyles. That is definitely what is going on here with the new DropCarbon carbon fiber iPhone 5 hard shell snap-on case by Drop. We all know there are hundreds of carbon style cases to be bought on many websites including tons of them on eBay. For example we recently reviewed the Elements Ion 5 series, which was recommended. The company Drop Electronics is known overseas, but here in the states it’s all new to us. By the looks of the packaging I knew this wasn’t your everyday average $2 case. Check out the full review below to get a closer look and see if its actually high quality craftsmanship or just another thrown in your draw case!

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Element Case Ion 5 Case for iPhone 5 Review

Continuing Element Case's Composite line and the renowned Ion legacy, the Ion 5 is the company's much improved third iPhone case iteration made for the iPhone 5. The $50 Ion 5 is Element Case's most affordable iPhone 5 case yet. All while retaining a high level of extreme design and functionality you'd come to expect from EC. With a real aerospace-grade matte carbon back integration, the Ion 5 is every carbon fiber-fanatic's dream iPhone 5 case.

TPU-style cases are a dime a dozen no matter what type of device you have. And why wouldn't they be when they're the most popular type of case around? We've seen our fair share of TPU cases to last us a lifetime, and then some. But what we haven't seen much of is really outstanding TPU cases that are in a league of their own. You know a TPU case is destined for greatness when Element Case is involved in the making. The Ion 5 is in a class of its own.

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