Tekkeon TekCharge Dual Port Backup Battery Charger Review

For many of us who use gadgets on a daily basis, the internal battery of a certain device sometimes just doesn't cut it. Portable devices such as the iPhone and iPod often have poor battery life and power users will find that having extra battery power at a moment's notice is extremely essential. Why not use battery cases like the Tekkeon myPower for the iPhone 4? Well battery cases aren't always appealing and some users may even prefer their device naked of any case. This is where Tekkeon's TekCharge comes into play. The Tekkeon TekCharge MP1860A to be exact, is Tekkeon's latest dual port backup battery pack charger that can charge 2 devices simultaneously. Now that's something a battery case won't dream of doing. Will the TekCharge stand up to its dual charging capabilities and be worth your $69.95? Find out after the break!

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