Ultimate Ears SuperFi 5vi

The SuperFi 5vi are a great sounding pair of in-ears. They deliver very detailed and clear sound for all music genres but they do lack a bit of bass. Those of you who need punchy and deep bass, the SuperFi 5vi will most likely not feed your hunger and will leave you wanting more. With that being said, after hours of burn-in time, the sound did improve a bit and so did the bass - still not deep but certainly sufficient for most people. The SuperFi 5vi are also a headset for the iPhone and BlackBerry with an inline mic and controls. The single button control cannot control the sound volume but only play/pause music and videos. When listening to music, you can double click to skip songs. You can answer calls, end calls and to bring up voice control on iPhone you simply click and hold for two seconds. 

A great thing about the Ultimate Ears SuperFi 5vi is that they come with Comply foam ear tips for maximum sound isolation and comfort. After using these foam tips, you won't want to use any of those regular rubber ear tips anymore. What's so good about these foam tips is that they fit everyone's ears perfectly because they form inside your ear to it's shape and block almost all background noise. I should note that after about a month of everyday use with the foam tips, you will need to replace them with new ones. 

The build quality could be a bit better. The SuperFi 5vi feel a bit cheap but they do look stunning. The cable is a tangle-free cable which works well. It's a bit thin but feels very durable so I wouldn't worry about it when exercising. You can wear these in-ears over your ears or under depending on your style. Half of the right monitor is colored red for easy and quick left/right identification, which is a very useful little detail. 

The SuperFi 5vi are one of the most clearest sounding pair Iv'e listend to. This allows for very detailed and undistorted or muffled sound. While they do lack in deep bass, I would highly recommend them. With the SuperFi 5vi included are: a hard carry case, Comply foam tips, various sized silicone tips and an ear war cleaning tool. Price $189.99. Available on Amazon for less.