The Best iPad Pro Cases, Keyboards & Stands


The iPad Pro is one of the best content creation and content consumption devices on the market, for both creatives and novice users alike. And now that Apple introduced such a huge, and some might even say unwieldy tablet, it's even more important that you have some kind of stand feature for a comfortable hands-free user experience when you need it. And of course you probably want to add some protection to your $800+ slab of metal and glass. But Apple's decision to sell separate front and back protective accessories for the iPad Pro instead of an all-encompassing Smart Case option will undoubtedly leave users upset and left looking for third party alternatives.

In case you haven't noticed yet, even Apple's Smart Keyboard accessory for the iPad Pro is really a Smart Cover that doesn't offer any back or side protection. One way to avoid paying so much for a mere Smart Cover and still get the same hands-free functionality is to get a protective case with a built-in stand feature. Which is exactly the reason we've put together a an easy way for you to pick out a great case for your iPad Pro whether it's full on protection you're looking for, a standalone stand, a tempered glass screen protector, or a keyboard case that will actually offer folio-like 360-degree protection. Be sure to catch the full roundup of some of the best iPad Pro accessories you can get right now down below!

First on our list is the Logi Create by Logitech, which has been jointly developed with Apple and is the best keyboard case alternative to Apple's own $170 Smart Keyboard case for the iPad Pro. The Create features an integrated full-size keyboard with tactile and adjustable backlit keys that is fully powered by the iPad Pro's special magnetic Smart Connector so there's no need for charging or pairing the actual keyboard case. Unlike Apple's Smart Keyboard, the Logi Create does offer complete protection for the iPad Pro using its exterior woven fabric material that resists bumps and liquid spills, while the rigid anodized aluminum interior construction provides a premium quality that has never been used on any other Logitech keyboard case.

Do note that the Create isn't as light and minimal as Apple's offering. Logi's Create keyboard case is noticeably heavier than Apple's Smart Keyboard and does add extra bulk to the iPad Pro. The Create keyboard case is available in black, purple, red and blue for $150.

If you're all about that virtual keyboard and Apple Pencil business, the Urban Armor Gear iPad Pro case will hold your Pencil stylus and protect your iPad Pro from impacts and drops thanks to its tough, military-standard drop protection. The UAG case offers non-slip grip using a highly textured rubberized exterior surface including a sturdy aluminum stand built into the back of the case that offers up to 5 different viewing angles in both landscape and portrait orientations. The UAG iPad Pro case is available in black, blue and red for $80.

Spent enough but still need a feature-rich protective case? The i-Blason Armorbox is an inexpensive case for the iPad Pro that offers 360-degrees worth of ruggedized protection and features a built-in kickstand for less than $20. The Armorbox uses a hybrid combination of a hard polycarbonate and shock-absorbing rubber to encase the iPad Pro from all sides as well as offering protection around the touchscreen.

The $60 Targus 3D Protection Case protects the iPad Pro from drops of up to 4ft using its folio-style rigid structured cover and flexible rubber shell system complete with reinforced corner edges and a wraparound raised lip to protect the display when the cover is flipped opened. The 3D Protection Case folds open to form an adjustable viewing stand for the iPad Pro that can be set in multiple viewing angles that are comfortable for both typing and watching movies. The interior is lined with a grippy non-slip surface for a stable viewing adjustment while the cover is secured using a magnetic closure tab and supports wake/sleep funtionality when opened and closed. The exterior materials of the 3D Protection Case resist dust and water while providing a grippable surface for a more secure carry.

At less than $20, this see-through flexible TPU case from Luvvitt let's you enjoy the color and original design of your iPad Pro without adding too much bulk. The Luvvitt iPad Pro case features raised, air-gap corner bumpers to protect against impacts and also elevate the front display for a lay-on-the-table design. Textured hand grip areas help you grab your iPad Pro more securely. Although there's a cutout for the Smart Connector, the Luvvitt case isn't compatible with Apple's Smart Keyboard or the Smart Cover.

Another great case from Logitech is the Logi Create protective folio case for the iPad Pro. Similar to the keyboard variant, this Create case offers all-around protection against bumps and scratches using svelte woven fabric styling and a sculpted shell that secured the iPad within a custom fitted casing. The Create folio case features an AnyAngle stand that uses a micro-hinge system to smoothly glide forwards and backwards to firmly position the iPad Pro at any viewing angle within a 60-degree radius much like a laptop hinge. The magnetized cover will put you iPad Pro to sleep when closed, and will wake it up when flipped open. The Logi Create case is available in black, blue, red and purple for $80.

Yes...we agree it's ridiculously overpriced at $80, but there's nothing like Apple's Silicone Case for the iPad Pro. At least not yet. It's one of the most pleasing to use and makes holding the iPad Pro more enjoyable by offering plenty of smooth, rubbery grip without adding bulk. Although it's a very minimal case, the Silicone Case does surround the front of the iPad with a raised lip to protect the glass. 

It's of course designed to form-fit the iPad Pro like a tight glove and is fully compatible with the Smart Cover and Smart Keyboard, so if you ever decide to purchase one of these in the future or receive either one as a gift, you can always continue to use the Silicone Case with either one of these accessories as an add-on. Apple's Silicone Case for the iPad Pro is only available in white and dark gray.

If you’ve ever used Apple’s leather Smart Case for iPad Air, you’ll love this knockoff made for the iPad Pro. Yes it’s not made out of real leather so it doesn’t show scratches or marks from regular use – nor is it as premium as an Apple made accessory, but it’s closely replicated and for the price, it’s a great alternative to Apple’s expensive silicone iPad Pro offerings. This iPad Pro Smart Case replica features perforated cutouts for all four speakers, tactile pass-through button functionality, and surprisingly offers a perfect fit complete with a functioning auto on/off magnetized front cover, which like the real thing, flips and folds into a sturdy stand. It’s an all-in-one option that for under $25 is an easy protective case to recommend if you’ve got an iPad Pro and want the same funtionality of a Smart Cover and a protective back cover in one elegant-looking package. There’s a faint Apple logo embossed on the back of the somewhat soft leather-like material as well as microfiber interior lining. It’s available in multiple, odor-free faux leather colors from select Amazon or eBay sellers like the one we’ve linked to.

If you just want the very best in luxury accessories for your iPad Pro, then it hardly gets any better than Vaja’s Leather Slim Cover case. It’s a high-end looking slim back cover case made using the most premium, full-grain textured Argentinian leather wrapped around a strong hard polycarbonate frame to help reduce bulk and weight. At $160, the Vaja Leather Slim Cover is definitely a pricy but sophisticated way of adding some lavish protection to your iPad Pro. Available colors include black, dark brown and Pompeian red.

Looking for a superb sleeve for your iPad Pro? Incase makes some of the best neoprene sleeves for laptops and iPads and it’s new $70 Icon Sleeve with Tensaerlite is the most protective and sleek looking sleeve you can get for the iPad Pro. Featuring a durable yet lightweight design, the Icon Sleeve has a magnet tab closure for effortless in and out sliding while Incase’s Tensaerlite material protects the iPad Pro around the edges using a shock-absorbing property that’s designed to deflect impacts in the event of a highly-probable side or corner drop.

The $39 Lap Log Classic is the best, soft universal bed stand for tablets we've tested that fully works with the iPad Pro. Featuring a warm contemporary design, the Lap Log Classic is made in the USA out of all-natural materials like smooth wood, soft organic cotton fabric and natural stuffing made out of buckwheat hulls, which perfectly simulates a bean bag. With its high quality usage of materials and craftsmanship, the Lap Log Classic works and is incredibly steady when used on your lap, in bed on a mattress, on your stomach, or sitting on your desk. The Lap Log's bean bag cushion provides a comfortable hands-free experience using the iPad Pro that can be adjusted and manipulated to fit a wide range of stable viewing angles between 0 to 89 degrees –whether using it on your lap, table or anywhere in bed. Typing, reading and watching videos can easily be done even if you're using a bulky case thanks to the included interchangeable insert. And best of all, the Lap Log can support the iPad Pro or any other iPad in both landscape and vertical portrait orientations making it the perfect companion for reading long articles and watching movies. 

Want to watch some Netflix and chill in bed? Then you’ll want to use this brilliant contraption. It might not be as impressive and environmentally friendly as the Lap Log, but the iProp is another inexpensive bean bag stand that will prop up your iPad Pro on your lap or in bed in either landscape or portrait orientation.

If you're looking for a desk stand for your iPad Pro, TechMatte's $13 Mini Stand XL is an adjustable multi-angle aluminum stand can be set in every viewing angle you could ever ask for. The Mini Stand XL will hold your iPad Pro even with a case installed in either portrait or landscape orientation. It's also portable so you can toss it inside your bag when folded closed. Anti-slip rubber feet keep it from sliding while rubber liners protect your iPad from rubbing against the aluminum body of the stand.

The iPad Pro's 10-hour battery life will be fine for most users, but if you need extra juice for when you travel, a portable backup battery like this one is an inexpensive way of making sure you always have an emergency backup power with you at all times. Anker's PowerCore 15600 is a fast, reliable portable (nearly pocketable) battery that can fully charge your iPad Pro and still have enough power left to fully charge your smartphone too. And with its dual 2.4A USB charging ports, you can simultaneously charge two devices as quick as you would using the included power adapter that came with your iPad Pro. The PowerCore features a high-capacity 15,600mAh battery, an LED power gauge, and its rounded plastic enclosure is coated with a soft matte finish that's pleasing to hold and resists fingerprints. At only $29, the PowerCore is a must have.

*We will be continually researching and adding more accessories to this list as they become available. We have not tested all of these products ourselves.