Top 10 Sleeves, Cases & More for Your HP TouchPad


So you just got a brand spanking new HP TouchPad, did you? Don't worry, you're not alone. Who wouldn't want to get a tablet like the TouchPad for the insane liquidation price points! Now that there are many new TouchPad owners out there thanks to the incredibly low fire sales, you probably want to take care of your cheap investment. That's exactly why we've put together this guide to help you do exactly that. After days of researching and countless coffees later, we've come up with a list of the top 10 best solutions you can pick from to protect your new WebOS running TouchPad tablet. HP might have killed it off, but you definitely don't want to be as cruel.

So jump past the break for the full list of some of the best cases, sleeves and more to help keep your TouchPad scratch and ding-free.


First on the list, the official HP folio case for the TouchPad. Made from semi-flexible TPU material with a rubbery polyurethane exterior similar to the Apple iPad Case and Smart Cover. The TouchPad Case can also be used to stand your TouchPad for multiple viewing and typing angles. Out of all the cases that are available currently, HP's official case for the TouchPad will offer the best protection in that it fully protects the TouchPad with a front flap that will keep the screen protected when in transport. The HP TouchPad Case also allows for charging within the case on the Touchstone charger. Price $49.99.


Gelaskins are the best form of tough scratch protection available for any device, that is if you don't like to be boring. With a slew of artistic designs and patterns, Gelaskins' skins for the HP TouchPad are the perfect way of keeping your tablet scratch-free while retaining a non-bulky form factor. Gelaskins protect your TouchPad both ways using high quality 3M technology skins for an effortless application and removal without leaving any sticky residue. If back and front protection wasn't enough, Gelaskins also includes a perfect matching wallpaper free to download. Price $23 - $30.


As much as we love the more colorful Gelaskins, we also love PhatomSkinz for any device. PhantomSkinz's TouchPad skin is strictly meant for tough scratch protection. Made from a durable, self-healing film technology that allows itself to heal from light scratches and digs. The PhantomSkinz skin for the HP TouchPad is available in a full body kit that requires a wet installation and will offer screen and back protection. We didn't just choose PhantomSkinz based on their awesome name, but actually for their matte protection skin that will turn your fingerprint magnet, glossy black TouchPad into a fingerprint-free, matte plastic finished tablet. Or you could use PhantomSkinz's carbon fiber TouchPad skin instead. Price $ 29.95.


Oh how we love Vaja. You've never smelled leather until you've smelled Vaja leather. Vaja's Leather Agenda folio case is the most expensive and luxurious leather case made for the HP TouchPad. Some might say it never deserved such quality. But for the price you've paid for the TouchPad, you may have some spare change left for the Leather Agenda. Customizable using a slew of color selections, the Leather Agenda is made from high quality, Floater cowhide leather and bares a two-tone design with an elastic closure band. The Leather Agenda is well padded and will protect your TouchPad just as well as the HP TouchPad Case and will allow for landscape viewing orientation as well as a typing position. Price $160.


Vaja hasn't stopped there though, and it has also released a leather sleeve for the HP TouchPad at a more affordable price with a black and red two-tone color scheme made from a Floater cowhide leather. The Premium Leather Sleeve is a slim and well padded with a leather and microfiber interior lining to keep your TouchPad safe and sound. If you want to customize the color, you can but it will cost you an extra $30 to do so. Price $80.


Sena is also one of our favorites when it comes to leather sleeves. Sena's Ultraslim for the HP TouchPad is the slimmest leather sleeve around and it's available in 4 different colors. A handy pull tab on the bottom of the sleeve insures that you'll be able to quickly and effortlessly pull your TouchPad out from within the soft, microfiber lined interior. If you hate bulk but still need some sort of protection while your TouchPad isn't being played with, this is the sleeve for you. Sena also offers a few other sleeves and bags made for the HP TouchPad, so head over to the TouchPad page at Sena for more. Price $49.99.


WaterField is yet another great brand when it comes to gadget protection. WaterField's SleeveCase for the HP TouchPad is available in both brown leather and a Lead Indium nylon trims with an optional shoulder strap. The SleeveCase for the TouchPad is made from a strong ballistic nylon exterior and a soft, neoprene interior making it one of the toughest and most protective sleeves for the TouchPad. It's also lined with an impact-resistant screen protecting insert. Price $55 - $60.


Timbuk2 is known for their amazing messenger bags and modern design. The Envelope Sleeve for the HP TouchPad is a unique slim sleeve made from a high-density foam, ballistic nylon and a scratch-resistant inner lining for some amazing protection. Timbuk2 lets you fully customize the Envelope Sleeve with many different types of fabrics and colors. Each speciality fabric other than the ballistic nylon will cost you an additional $5. A strong velcro flap insures your TouchPad remains secured inside the sleeve. Price $30 - 60.


HP's very own sleeve for the TouchPad is made out of a padded neoprene material featuring a Interlink pattern with two, front large slip pockets that let you store your cables, power adapter and in-ears for easy transport. A zippered closure insures your TouchPad is safely secured inside the faux-fur lined interior. Sounds cozy. The TouchPad Sleeve is only available in black, but it's also the most affordable out of the bunch. Price $24.99.


Although Incase hasn't made any of their cases for products other than Apple's, it's confirmed that the Origami Sleeve fits the HP TouchPad like a glove. The iPad and the TouchPad have near identical size specs so this doesn't come as a surprise. Many of Incase's sleeves will also fit the TouchPad. But we think the Origami Sleeve is worth mentioning because of it's versatile use. It can be transformed into a stand perfect for both landscape and horizontal viewing angles thanks to its unique Origami nature. The Origami Sleeve is made from padded neoprene and has a slip-entry closure system and a super soft, plush faux-fur interior lining. It's available in both black and pink. Price $34.95.