Top 5 Best iPhone 4S Wallet Cases


Welcome to yet another installment of the Gadgetmac Guide! This time we're bringing you some of the best unisex wallet cases for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S we think are worthy enough for you to trust in with not only your iPhone, but with your hard earned money. iPhone wallet cases may not appeal to everyone, but they're a great way to carry exactly what you need without the additional bulk and minimize the chance of you forgetting to take one or the other when you leave the house. Putting everything you got into one place sure is convenient, what could possibly go wrong? Be sure to head over past the break for the full rundown!


First up on our list is the BookBook wallet case made by Twelve South. This is one of the more unique iPhone wallet cases around, and we thought it was mostly full of win when we last reviewed it. Twelve South's BookBook is handmade using genuine leather, looks like a vintage book from the outside and is designed to work as a flip folio style case without having to remove the iPhone out of its custom cradle.

The BookBook's velvety soft interior can store up to three cards, includes a convenient clear ID window and a hidden side loading pocket for stashing some of your cash. The BookBook is designed to look like a vintage book as much as possible, so there is no cutout for the back facing camera, unfortunately. Instead, a quick pull tab lets you quickly pull the iPhone half way when you want to take photos. The BookBook offers access to all ports and buttons at all times. Price $59.99.


Hard Graft's wallet cases are perhaps one of the more beautifully, well put together cases for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. But they're also the most expensive out the bunch. The Phone Fold Wallet combines uber premium wool felt and vegetable tanned Italian leather, and is handmade in Germany. Hard Graft's Phone Fold Wallet folds open and can store up to 8 cards and cash with a pouch style slot designed to protect your iPhone with a felt lined interior. Unlike the BookBook wallet case, the Phone Fold Wallet is simply a pouch for your iPhone and does not offer direct access to ports or touchscreen accessibility. The Phone Fold Wallet is available in gray and tan leather. Price $125.


Spigen SGP's Valentinus series of handmade leather wallet cases for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S is a flip folio style wallet case with a secure closure clasp. It incorporate a polycarbonate hardshell inner snap case that secures the iPhone inside while allowing you to fully use the touchscreen, back facing camera and have access all ports and buttons at all times. The Valentinus is made from leather with a soft microfiber chamude interior lining and features two card slots and a side loading pocket for folded bills. We've reviewed the Valentinus wallet case and gave it a solid recommendation. Spigen SGP's Valentinus comes in black, brown and vintage leather colors. Price $54.99.


Speck's SmartFlex Card wallet case is geared towards people who prefer a more traditional protective case for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, but with wallet features all in the same package. The SmartFlex Card case is a flexible and durable polymer case that offers great all around protection that features a clever side slot-loading card slot around the back with a thumb cutout for quick and easy card release which can securely store up to three cards and, or folded up bills. Speck's SmartFlex Card case is designed with a raised bezel edge for screen protection for a lay-on-the-table design and provides direct access to all ports, cameras and buttons at all times. The SmartFlex is currently only available in blue. Price $34.95.


The Madison iPhone wallet case for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S by Landmarks & Lions is a classy handmade leather wallet case stitched together using contrasting yellow stitching with rigid calf skin leather and lined with a cotton canvas fabric interior. The Madison wallet case looks more like a traditional leather wallet for men and it features a pouch style iPhone pocket, a cash compartment and can hold up to two cards on either side. Landmarks & Lions' Madison wallet case does not offer direct access to ports or the touchscreen while your iPhone is stored inside. It comes in black and cognac leather colors with the option to choose a green, navy or red fabric interior. Price $75.