Twelve South BookBook Leather Case for MacBook Air 13" Review

Twelve South is your all-Mac accessory go-to company with many awesome and unique accessories for Apple devices. Not long ago, Twelve South has introduced the BookBook case for the latest MacBook Air family of ultra-thin portables, and now we've got our hands on the latest BookBook for the MacBook Air 13". The BookBook case is different in every way you look at it from your regular neoprene sleeves and what have you. It was designed to look and feel like a vintage book, and in person it actually looks like a big magical book straight from a Harry Potter movie. Love to stand out from the crowd? I think the BookBook can help you out with that and still offer a good great amount of protection. Will the BookBook be worth your $79.99? Find out in the full review right after the break!

The amount of detail that was put into making the BookBook case is so realistic. Twelve South have outdone themselves yet again by creating such an incredible piece of art, they call the BookBook. It isn't just made out of cheap materials, the BookBook is handmade using real leather. The tough spine bares golden markings and features red accents. Never have I came across such a unique looking case or sleeve, whatever you want to call it, for the MacBook or any other laptop for that matter. I've reviewed quite a few of Twelve South's products, each have their own innovative uniqueness. The BookBook for the MacBook Air is a stunner on the outside. 

Both sides of the BookBook are rigid, hardback covers that will keep your investment safe and sound inside. There are very few cases out there for the MacBook Air that offer a hard cover protection like the BookBook does. The leather used for the BookBook case has its own characteristics in that it can easily get scuff marks and scratches, the more the better in this case. As time goes on, the BookBook will look even more vintage then it is. No two BookBook cases will ever be identical because of this. I've had a pleasure carrying my 13" MacBook Air inside the BookBook. It's slim enough and comfortable for travel making it feel like you're carrying a naked MacBook Pro in terms of thickness. For the amount of protection you're getting, I think that the BookBook is at the perfect thickness that's suitable for any kind of travel and even a protective case for safe storing. 

Logos? What logos? You'll hardly even notice the subtle and unobtrusive Twelve South logo embossed on the back side of the BookBook. I personally love the little Twelve South logo and I'm totally fine with them placing it in such subtle ways as this.

On the inside you will find a soft, chocolate brown padded interior lined with a velvety microfiber. One of the most soft feeling interior linings I've come across in such cases I must add. The padded cushions are an extra layer of protection added along with the tough, hard exterior cover. Hard on the outside, and soft on the inside. Just the way I like my cases. Besides the yummy looking interior you will find two elastic bands on each sides that partially slip onto your MacBook Air's top lid.

These two elastic bands are meant to be used if you want to keep using your MacBook Air while it's safely inside the BookBook case. You can still close your Mac's lid and it will go to sleep without issues. When you're ready to start your day, unzip your BookBook and you've just opened up both your BookBook case and your Mac all at once. 

Expect a lot of confused people staring over at you if you plan to set up shop in a coffee shop. Free Wi-Fi over at Barnes & Noble? You'll instantly get questions on where to purchase a BookBook case like the one you're rocking. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I could normally use my MacBook Air while it was inside and covered by the BookBook. I do, however, have one small negative thing to say about the BookBook. When not using the two elastic bands to secure the top half of the BookBook with the MacBook Air's top lid, it will move slightly up and down inside the BookBook as if there was some extra space inside, which seems to be the case. Why? It might have to do with allowing more airflow while using the MacBook Air inside the BookBook. Whatever the case may be though, expect a slight play while not using those elastic bands. You can ditch the more secure way of the elastic bands which imply a case style, for more of a sleeve style, in-and-out use with your MacBook Air.

There are two zipper with matching leather pull-tabs that act as the BookBook's closure system and can allow charging of the MacBook Air while it's inside the case.

To me, Twelve South has created the most creative and inspiring MacBook case ever. It's no wonder it quickly replaced my boring Incase neoprene sleeve I've been using for a long time now. I think the BookBook case for the MacBook Air would find a place in your accessory wish list sooner than later. The $79.99 price tag is a little pricy, but when you consider the utmost uniqueness, quality and protection the BookBook has to offer, it's fair enough to say that it's undoubtedly worth the asking price. I don't even like reading books and the BookBook has won me over.