Urban Armor Gear UAG iPhone 4S Case Review

As if it came straight out of an action film, Urban Armor Gear's UAG iPhone Case Series will leave you feeling like you're a CIA agent on a mission. They look like they could deflect a bullet, take a tumble down a cliff, and then withstand an earth-shaking explosion to top things off (don't try this at home). In their entire armory of protection, Urban Armor Gear has got you covered with an assortment of different color selections whether it is for the relaxed jogger in the park or an adrenaline-junkie looking for his latest fix. Check out our mission results right after the cut! 

At first glance, the UAG Case embodies amazing design as well as simplicity. It was made to resemble indestructible cases normally found in movies such as G.I. Joe or Iron Man, making it the case of choice for any action movie enthusiasts out there. Once you fit your iPhone into it, you can't help but pretend that your device has transformed into much more than just a phone. Simply put, you just feel cooler. 

UAG's engineering team stayed on par with their aesthetics. The design of the case resembles what Speck has done with their CandyShell series, featuring a hard plastic outer backplate with a soft silicone material on the inside and corners to surround your iPhone with sufficient protection and cushioning. If you were to drop your phone, the impact would be absorbed by the soft silicone so your device doesn't have to. 

There are raised feet built on the front corners that will lift your iPhone just slightly when placed face down to prevent any scratches to blemish the gorgeous Retina screen. On the flip side of the case, there are additional feet to stop scratches on the actual case itself, preserving the indestructible look to it. Even without the extra feet, the plastic material does not dirty easily. With a cloth and some water, just about any kind of dirt or stains can be removed. Even the reflective chrome UAG logo is resistant to the elements. 

A major flaw with certain cases that utilize silicone technology to protect devices is how difficult it can be to access ports and buttons. Thankfully, this is not the case for UAG. All of the buttons are safely and snuggly fit while being well protected. Both the over-sized power button and the volume buttons can be used easily, with hardly any resistance at all. The vibrate switch is easily accessed as well since the indent is fairly shallow; this may be a plus or minus depending on how much protection you want. You will find no problems with using your headphones as there is adequate space for any type of headphone jack. The microphone is also well exposed. 

This case is one of the better cases I have had the pleasure to use, and it was a pleasant experience. An issue that some of you may have experienced in the past is the silicone on the bottom of the case snapping in half. Compared to the rest of the case, it is the most vulnerable part to break as there is no plastic supporting it. Only time will tell how well it stands against persistent use and abuse.

Urban Armor Gear's dedication to perfection is well exemplified through their iPhone case series where everything is designed to meet a high quality and simplicity standard. While this is not an original design or have any flashy features, UAG's slim and minimalistic design is its strongest point. Taking and putting it into your pocket will be no problem and looking past all the extra bonuses other companies offer, the main point of an iPhone case is protecting without adding too much bulk.

The sweet aesthetics and functionality the UAG case offers sets it apart from similar competitors. Without any obscene designs and clunky add-ons, the simplicity is the best selling point. To add the finishing touch, each UAG case is set at $34.95. They come in six different color combinations where every one of them has their own personality. You can check them out at Urban Armor Gear's website.

With nothing but positive things to say, we are happy to recommend Urban Armor Gear's iPhone Case series to anybody looking for a simple case with an awesome design concept. For that, we give this our Editors' Choice Award.