Vaja iVolution Top LP Leather Case for iPhone 4/S Review

When good quality leather is what you're looking for, Vaja is where it's at. We managed to cover just about every high-end case accessory for Apple's glass and metal made iPhone. The iVolution Top LP is one of Vaja's latest offerings for the iPhone, and it's just as magnificent as any other. It has it all, front to back protection and stellar good looks that'll get you into the finest establishments available only to very important people. If leather is what you like, jump past the break for the full review down below!

Vaja packaging is just as unique as its leather goods. Stylish and full of color to represent the vast color selection of Vaja leather available for customization. As with just about any Vaja case, the iVolution Top LP is available in a plethora of different leather flavors with 14 preselected colors ready to ship. The iVolution Top LP isn't anything close to a budget protective case costing at $110, setting itself comfortably right amongst very different cases yet just as high-end from companies such as Element Case. Apart from wondrous packaging, you aren't going to find anything else inside besides the case itself and that great leather smell.

I'm just as impressed with the iVolution Top LP case as I was with Vaja's Leather Agenda folio case for the iPad 2. Granted while opening the packaging for the iVolution Top LP case I wasn't blown away with a strong smell of leather like I was with the Leather Agenda, albeit the iPad 2 folio does pack a lot more leather. 

This is a leather lovers' dream case. The iVolution Top LP case has so much leather it makes the PETA people go mad cow crazy. The leather and craftsmanship quality is simply exquisite. Nothing but the best full-grain Argentinian cowhide leather, and I'd expect no less when spending this much on a leather case. This particular color of the iVolution Top LP is the Moss and Friar Brown. A beautiful shade of green colored Floater leather with a side stripe of subtle brown colored Caterina leather. The smooth texture of the Caterina leather and the stubble texture of the Floater leather go hand in hand to create just a stunning leather case worthy of the iPhone 4 and 4S. It's worth noting that the iVolution Top LP is the two-tone stitched version of the iVolution Top case at $95.

The iVolution Top LP is what we call a flip-style case, meaning that it has a front cover that keeps the iPhone's screen protected while not in use. Flipping the front cover or flap, which ever you'd like to call it, allows clean and easy access to the touchscreen. Taking a closer looks at the inside of the iVolution Top LP we can see that the entire interior of the case is covered in Caterina leather with Vaja logos embossed to create the Vaja iconic logo pattern. While the iVolution Top LP offers great front screen protection when closed, however, when opened your screen becomes vulnerable in the case of a drop; albeit that scenario is true with every flip-style case. The iPhone 4/S fits tightly inside the case and is held in very securely. 

Like all flip-style cases, the iVolution Top LP is no different when it comes to closure. The leather covered closure tab secured the front cover onto the iPhone using friction alone and without scuffing or scratching the top portion of the metal antenna band. It's held in place very securely and can easily be opened using one finger for quick access to answering an incoming call. Speaking of incoming calls, the iPhone's mic and speaker will always remain uncovered by the case so no matter the front cover, you will always hear your iPhone.

Using the iPhone inside the iVolution Top LP is challenging at first is you aren't accustomed to flip down style cases. Some may even hate having the front cover flapping underneath, but that's something you just have to get used to. Alternatively, by flipping the front flap over and back you can get a better, more organized hold on your iPhone. While that isn't necessary, I find myself using this position more the longer I use my iPhone. As for horizontal orientation, you'll find it much more comfortable and easier to keep the flap behind and against the back of the case when texting, gaming and typing. Alternating between these two positions becomes a fluid motion after becoming used to using these types of flip-style cases.

Around the back is where you'll find the largest camera cutout known to cases. Vaja is known for this literal cutout design and it works wonders. You can fire the LED flash at night without any washed out photos. Unfortunately, there is one significant drawback to the iVolution Top LP and many other Vaja cases with this similar design. While your iPhone is protected very well when the case is closed, the top corners aren't covered up by the case and remain unprotected only being a bit recessed inside the case. You don't want to be dropping your iPhone hitting either of the top corners.

If you're more luckily though then your iPhone won't suffer much if any damage otherwise. The case itself is not only padded with leather, but stiffened and constructed with hard polycarbonate underneath. Other than that, you have constant free access to top and side buttons while a large opening for the top headphone port allows you to fit virtually any 3.5mm plug. On the other hand you must open the front flap in order to charge and sync.

All in all, the Vaja's iVolution Top LP may not offer complete top to bottom protection, it more than satisfies the craving for quality and luxury. Anyone looking for such a stylish leather case will have to understand some of the drawbacks when it comes to overall protection. Otherwise, the iVolution Top LP is one of the best flip-style cases around. While $110 isn't a walk in the park affordable, you aren't going to get anything better than this for a lesser price. My sweet tooth for leather cases is always quenched by Vaja.