First Look & Unboxing: Panasonic 3D Glasses Avatar Bundle

We got out hands on the new Panasonic 65" Plasma 3D TV and picked up the Avatar 3D glasses bundle. From the first impression, I must say "wow"! This bundle will run you around four hundred dollars for two pair of glasses, and Avatar in 3D blu-ray movie. The Avatar ble-ray is currently a special promotion and it is not available for sale.  

Panasonic did a fantastic job with the design and quality of the glasses. When you wear the glasses, you don't really feel them on your head. They are very light and feature a very comfortable nose piece. These glasses also feature an on/off switch which is really convenient. Once they are off it is easy to tell that. Another great feature is that the glasses are rechargeable, so there is no need for any type of batteries. 
Overall, I am very impressed with the bundle and the product it self. The quality, design, and comfort are superb. My only complaint would be the price and that the Avatar in 3D is not available outside this bundle. I think that the consumers should be able to purchase the movie. 

Photos & Video shot by: David Skinner