Dosh Blade Card Wallet Hands-On


The Blade is Dosh's latest minimalist wallet to find its way into our pocket. The Blade looks a lot less like the defined wallet you'd expect, and more in the lines of a compact card carrier. The sleek and slim form factor, and the two-face design allows the Blade to hold up to two cards on one side while it also features a pretty clever brushed metal money clip around the back for American and European bills.

It's called the Blade for a good reason as it's incredibly thin. Roughly as thin as the iPhone 5 or a no. 2 pencil. If you ever need to carry more than two cards, the Blade will most likely be a deal breaker for you. Then consider Dosh's more advanced 3 or 6 card capacity wallets like the wonderfully practical Luxe 3 and Luxe 6 we had the pleasure of taking a look at. 


Dosh is an Australian company that makes some of the most unique and practical to use wallets we've come across. Like most of the Dosh wallets, the Blade is available in 7 incredible vibrant two-tone colors that we guarantee no one else would think about for a wallet. The special recyclable materials, design and quality each Dosh wallet has is unlike any other wallet.


The Blade is for the pure minimalist looking to carry a single credit card accompanied by the all important driver's licence or ID/passport card in true urban style. The Blade's slim compact shape allows it to blend inside your pocket without discomfort. There's nothing more to it.


The Blade wallet actually has a subtle concave design where the money clip resides to better fit bills without increasing the profile of the wallet too much. It's also worth noting that the Blade is made out of a water-resistant Elastollan material that feels extremely durable and very rigid. Unlike the rubbery texture of the Luxe's Desmopan material, the Blade's texture is a lot more grainy like hard plastic and less of a wallet type feel.


If for whatever reason you wish to use the integrated stainless steel money clip as, well, a separate money clip you can do so by removing it from the Blade completely. Or if you have no use for paper and just roll with plastic, removing the money clip is a great option. The stainless steel clip itself is very substantial and has a very grippy down force to it, so you should be careful when inserting bills into it.


In the time of countless usage, I've gotten compliments on the Blade's design. This goes to show that simplistic yet beautiful card wallets are "in" at the moment. Or at least that's the assumption. Frankly, I much prefer to use Dosh's Luxe 6 wallet as a co called daily driver over the Blade as it gives me more leg room to carry quite a few important cards with me while the inconspicuous interior money clip handles a few stray bills. The Blade is a very stylish and wonderfully convenient wallet to use that is geared for the niche minimalist.