iOS App Icon Drink Coasters Hands-On


Do you like drinking coffee, tea or anything related to drinking while at the comfort of your own home or office? You probably do. If you also happen to be an avid user of Apple's iOS, it'll only be natural that you'd like to show you're a proud iDevice user. While Android users have their Android figurines to play with, you can bring some of your favorite iOS icon apps to life with geeky custom made iOS drink coasters that look like real-life glossy app icons with a few simple steps and a $20 bill.


Due to copyright issues with Apple, you cannot find these wonderful iOS app icon coasters anywhere for quick purchase. One way to bypass this issue is to make your own, perfectly legal personal use iOS app coasters. The first step is to find a service which will let you use Apple's icon files and have them make you your custom coasters. Shutterfly is one service we found to be excellent and with convenient app-shaped coasters! Shutterfly's printing quality and coaster materials are very good if not superb. Each coaster is made from a thick kind of extremely hard and stiff polycarbonate with a layer of cork backing which is infused together as one solid piece.


Shutterfly's coasters have a glossy resin coating which is tough to scratch, and allows for hot and cold drinks to be placed on them. Again, very high quality coasters for the price and a nice vibrant print quality. Shutterfly's coasters are sold in a set of 4, which you can customize with 4 different iOS icons for $20. Occasionally there will be a promo code for a discount on the price floating on the web. Turn around time is extremely quick. Shutterfly will typically make your custom coasters and have them ready to ship within a day.


The second step is probably the most important step in the custom iOS coaster producing process. The original high-resolution stock iOS icon graphics is essential. These are very difficult to get hold of, but we managed to find a few for you to get started. Remember, Google is your friend if you're looking for other high-resolution iOS icons whether it be stock Apple icons or third party icons. You can download the high-resolution app icons from the slideshow gallery down below.

Lastly, you're going to upload each file to the Shutterfly coaster making page. Don't hit the order button just yet! This next step is crucial. You're going to have to edit each graphic and zoom in twice in order for the iOS icon graphics to fill the icon-shape coaster perfectly. Otherwise you'll end up with a coaster that has white space around the graphic. All there's left for you do to from here is order them scrumptious iOS app icons and be the envy of your Apple fanboy-girl friends.