Colorware's $300 Grip Case for iPad

This is madness! Colorware are now shipping their first ever case for the iPad called Grip, an aluminum case that only protects your iPad's bezel. The Grip might look a bit familiar to you if you came across ElementCase's Vapor aluminum cases for the iPhone 4. The Grip requires bolts to be screwed in order to install it on your iPad and it comes with the tools you need to the task. The Grip's handle allows you to easily carry your iPad around like a suitcase and supposedly gives you a good grip on your iPad. All this for your $300 of course, are you crazy enough to order one yourself? It's solid aluminum construction looks great but the price is definitely not right.

Being Colorware, you are able to fully color customize your Grip case for the iPad in any color combination your mind fancies. The Grip is available in a glossy and soft-touch finishes as well as in an unpainted version, but It will cost you an extra $30 to color customize and get the soft-touch version of the Grip. 

Source Colorware via Engadget

Nir Schneider