Apple Reveals The iPad Air & iPad mini 2 With Retina Display

As expected, Apple has unveiled a couple of new iPads today. The highly anticipated fifth-generation iPad has been rebranded as the new iPad Air, and sports an identical iPad mini-like design with a narrower bezel that is 20% slimmer and significantly lighter than its iPad 4 predecessor weighing only a single pound. As expected from leaked parts, the new iPad Air will be offered in two flavors, silver with a white front bezel and in Space Gray which is replacing the darker black slate color to match Apple's iPhone 5s offerings. Sorry, not glamorous gold matching iPads for you.

The new iPad Air features the same 9.7-inch IPS Retina Display as before, but comes with a few other new internal hardware improvements like a 64-bit A7 processor with an M7 motion co-processor with Open GL ES version 3.0 support for enhanced graphics making the iPad Air twice as fast as its predecessor, advanced MIMO WiFi technology enabling faster data rates nearly doubling the WiFi performance, and an improved rear facing 5-megapixel camera with better low-light performance plus a new dual-microphone array. Disappointingly, Touch ID remains to be an iPhone 5s exclusive for now.

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Rumor: iPad 5 Case Taking Design Cues From The iPad Mini

Electronic accessory company MiniSuit has provided Gadgetmac with an exclusive photo of what they claim to be the new redesign of the iPad 5. Apple typically sends accessory makers dimensions of upcoming products beforehand so that they have a sufficient amount of time to begin manufacturing. MiniSuit notes that dimensions were from a “reliable source” and that the iPad 5 takes design cues from the iPad Mini in the forms of a thinner, slimmer bodied case with less bezel on either side. There is also a small hole near the top of the case which would presumably be the rear-facing microphone along with a larger speaker grill at the bottom which could mean dual-speakers like the stereo ones present in the iPad Mini. Little else is revealed but this comes at a time in which Apple is reportedly switching to a twice-a-year refresh for their iPad line of products and could be announced as soon as March.

The Tank iPad Case Keeps Your Tablet Protected And Stylish

Inno Pocket, an Asian based mobile accessory company, is looking to upgrade the Smart Cover with their own version called the Tank. It is an aluminum constructed, anti-shock case that is designed to protect your iPad in its entirety. The case is made with two aluminum shells using an ABS clasp that allows you to rotate the top shell in a 360 degree motion. The bottom shell is designed to fit snuggly with your iPad and has an ultra-thin polymeric lining to keep it from scratching the metal surface. Similar to the Smartcover, the Tank can form into four different positions allowing for easy reading, writing, watching, and video calling. The Tank is available now for $99.99.

Fourth Generation iPad Strikes With Lightning And Then Some

The Internet is buzzing with Apple activity today, with just about everything Apple trending on Twitter. At the California Theatre in San Jose, CA, Tim Cook and his team announced a plethora of brand new products including the much anticipated iPad mini, that will leave a good number of us in a heap of credit card debt. The iPad 3 was "resolutionary" with its Retina display, but Apple wasn't satisfied with that just yet. They announced a number of upgrades that will be going into the new Big Daddy of iPads now dubbed the iPad 4, which is the 4th generation iPad Apple has released.

Getting rid of the old 30-pin connector, Apple is equipping the updated iPad 4 with the new Lightning connector that we first saw debut with the iPhone 5. Some people have been complaining about the responsiveness of their iPad and how the A5X processor just wasn't enough. If you're one of those people, there is good news coming. Apple's brand new A6X processor will give deliver twice as much CPU and graphics performance than its predecessor. Despite the huge boost in power, Apple claims to have maintained its amazing 10 hour battery life. To sweeten the deal, Apple has finally upgraded the front facing camera to the iSight camera, which is capable of 720p HD quality video chats. As for the back camera, it has not changed, but you shouldn't even be using it anyways... 

This new iPad was more of a "S" upgrade, which involved mainly updates to the internal specs. The 4th-generation iPad will be available in black and white with the same size configurations as the older iPad models, starting at $499 for the 16GB WiFi model and $629 for the 16GB cellular model. The new iPad is also compatible with international LTE carriers now as well. 

Get your credit cards ready on the 26th to preorder and expect the WiFi models to ship beginning November 2nd and the cellular models two weeks after. 

Apple Special Event Slated For October 23rd, iPad Mini Incoming

Apple has a little something something to show us as they hint in their colorful event invitation. Apple has officially confirmed that it will hold a special media event on October 23rd for yet another product launch. It's highly rumored that Apple will unveil the much anticipated iPad Mini and possibly add a 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display to its portable Mac lineup. We also anticipate Apple to refresh the iMac with updated specs and possibly a slimmer body as well as a refreshed Mac mini.

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Type In The Dark With Zagg's Latest iPad Keyboard

Since the release of the iPad, accessor makers have been cramming to get in on the iPad keyboard hype. There have been a huge number of iPad keyboards out on the market, ranging from the all-in-one case with keyboards to the solar powered keyboards by Logitech. All of these have their own unique features and functionalities, but the one issue that has yet to be resolved is lighting. 

Apple's entire Macbook lineup now features backlit keyboard to not only help with more accurate typing in dimly lit workplaces, but it also serves as an aescetically pleasing function as well. Now, Zagg has released their solution to your problem. During the IFA tradeshow in Berlin, Zagg revealed the Pro Plus. It features all the features that you'd expect from iPad keyboard cases nowadays: built-in batteries, magnetic sleep and wake functions, and best of all, a backlit keyboard. 

Now you can type as much as you want, wherever you want, and whenever you want without having to worry about mistyping because you can't see your keys. However, this convenience will cost you $130 dollars to enjoy. They will begin shipping by the end of September. 

Radiul iPad Document Holder, Makes Life Easier

Paper has become a medium that some of us have tried to get rid of entirely if we could, but nonetheless, they are persistant. Popping up in our mailboxes, getting sent down from our bosses, and even being accepted as money... although I suppose that's the only kind of paper nobody wants to just rip into shreds. No matter how much we want to surround ourselves in just emails and digital print, we will still have to live with the traditional method for a while. That is what makes Radiul a nice accessory for everybody.

Everybody has bills to pay, everybody has to read something off of paper once in a while, but why not make it easier and more comfortable while we're at it? Radiul acts as a stand for all your papers whether they're the phone bills that you have to pay or some academic article you have to read for your research paper. Simply attach it to your laptop, iPad, or counter, you can prop them up in a convenient position. Using a simple but effective curve shape, the Radiul does its job. 

This extremely portable accessory is currently in its mid stage of a Kickstarter campaign, and if you're interested in seeing this idea become reality, go ahead and pledge $30 or more for your very own Radiul.